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Don Gardner is the winner of our 27th Week of Orofino History Trivia.

The answer this week is the lime kilns just off Main St.

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According to information from the Clearwater Historical Museum, in 1899, J.J. discovered limestone on the hill above Orofino. Quarrying of the rock began in 1904. The Clearwater Lime Company enlarged and improved located the plant located at the intersection of Main and Fourth St.

The kilns were 24 feet high and 4 feet in diameter. They were lined with four feet of stone and fire brick.

Later Washington Idaho Lime Products developed the quarry behind what is now Orofino Elementary School and installed a larger plant which for several years before closing. (Remember it was answer to one of our previous Trivia questions? See the info... P.S. Don had the right answer to both of these weeks.)

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Photos: Top--One of the kilns as it looks now Bottom--Clearwater Lime Company quarry (photo courtesy Clearwater Historical Museum)

Monday: It was hot.

Tuesday: Now it's stone cold.

Wednesday: It is 4 feet wide and 24 feet tall.

Thursday: It was first used in the early 1900s.

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