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Congratulations to Guy Jurgens who was the first to get the correct answer to Week 22 of Orofino History Trivia contest Sunday. Jeanine Cook sent in the correct answer shortly after.

Rusty Eck got it right too, but he had help when I asked him about the history of OK Rock which is the answer.

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This is where the mystery begins. We need readers' help to find out more about the often forgotten and ignored landmark. OK Rock is just downstream from the Orofino Bridge across the Clearwater River behind McLaughlins Logging shop. I talked to numerous people last week from the McLaughlins and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to the Clearwater County Road and Bridge Department to Perk Lyda who built a boat ramp nearby. None of them could tell me anything more than, "It's been there forever."

You will notice that the OK on the rock in the picture is green outlined in white. Within the last few weeks, the OK has been repainted with orange outlined in white. Who did it and why? How long has the OK been there and who started it? Can you tell us? We would like to document this unique part of Orofino's history and landmarks. Let us know by dropping us an email at: info@windowontheclearwater.com.

Tuesday: It's sometimes very wet.

Wednesday: It's sometimes very dry.

Thursday: People don't pay much attention to it.

Friday: It is mostly gray and very heavy.

Saturday: This year, someone put orange and white paint on it.

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