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Harriet Reece knew the correct answer to this week's Trivia first and shortly after we heard from Tom McTevia who also had it right.

The answer is Dr. Myrick Pullen in our 19th Week of Orofino History Trivia

People have know Dr. Myrick Pullen in a number of realms from his humorous rhymes at Kiwanis meetings to the doctor that treated their injuries or illness.

He was born July 24, 2005, in Baltimore, Maryland to Myrick Whiting Pullen and Ruby Faus Pullen. His father was taught electrical engineering at Johns Hopkins University. Unfortunately, his mother died when he was just seven months old. He went to live with his paternal grandmother in Onawa, Iowa. His older sister, Cordelia, went to live with their maternal grandmother. When Myrick was eight-years-old, his father remarried and came to get the children and take them back to Towson outside of Baltimore. They had about an acre of land and they had a dog and raised chickens.

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As a teenager, he said, he was only an average student, but liked the sciences: biology, physics and chemistry. He was very interested in bacteriology during high school. When a local physician visited one of his classes Myrick asked how to get into that field and the physician replied, "medical school". That is the route he took, though before that he was "sorely tempted" to go into theoretical physics. He soon found himself at Johns Hopkins University studying medicine. He chose psychiatry as a specialty due to the influence of one of the professors, Adolf Meyer. While at Johns Hopkins, he met Julia McColes who was a secretary on the psychiatric ward and they married in 1942. Shortly after that World War II pulled him away from not only from the university, but his new bride. He served in the South Pacific.

After World War II, he worked at various hospitals before coming to Orofino and State Hospital North in 1956. He served as superintendent for 11 years before moving to Boise to become Idaho Director of Mental Health. He wanted to work more with patients and in 1971 moved to Idaho Falls where he had a part time private practice and worked part time at the hospital. He and Julia then moved to Yankton, SD where he worked in a mental hospital. They returned to Orofino in 1988 and he worked part time at SHN and Idaho Correctional Institution-Orofino.

He has been involved in community activities such as Orofino Kiwanis Club and Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #3296. He likes to work in the yard, especially to plant and nurture trees of different varieties. Myrick recently celebrated his 90th birthday. He and Julia have six children.

In a future edition of Window on the Clearwater, we will do a more in depth look at his life and the changes he had seen in the field of psychiatry.

Monday: He is a distinguished man.

Tuesday: He is a former Kiwanis president.

Wednesday: He loves to tell rhymes.

Thursday: Is there a doctor in the house?

Frisday: He was the administrator of State Hospital North.

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