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We had no winner, but check out this piece of Lewis and Clark/Orofino history trivia.

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This is the saddle that Nez Perce history says was given to Chief Twisted Hair by Lewis and Clark. It is in a glass case in the Clearwater Historical Museum. They kindly took it out briefly for this photo.

According to local Lewis and Clark historian Norm Steadman, William Clark first met Chief Twisted Hair at a Nez Perce camp on the Clearwater River. The chief accompanied him back to the Weippe Prairie where the Corps of Discovery had first encountered Nez Perce Indians Sept. 20, 1805. Part of the exploring group had remained there for a time. The group then traveled to Canoe Camp just a few miles down river from Orofino. There they built five canoes to continue their journey to the Pacific Ocean. Lewis and Clark left 38 horses with Chief Twisted Hair so the animals could be cared for during the winter. Chief Twisted Hair and Chief Tetoharsky also accompanied the Corps to Celio Falls on the Columbia River as they had previously agreed.

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Monday: You can see it at the Clearwater Historical Museum.

Tuesday: It has wooden pieces.

Wednesday: It is brown for the most part.

Thursday: The object is used on a horse.

Friday: It once belonged to a Nez Perce chief important to the Lewis and Clark trek.

Saturday: The object is now inside a glass case.

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