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We have a winner!!

Trish Reynolds has correctly identified the historical person as Ernest W. Jewell. She identified him Thursday afternoon with just the first three clues. She won a case of oil and an oil filter for her car from Valley Motor Parts.

Jewell was also a prohibition officer later in his life.

Photos: To the left is a picture of Jewell when he was fire chief. Note the fire services badge on the left side of his vest. To the right is Trish Reynolds (left) and Clay Hesson, owner of Valley Motor Parts.

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Monday: He was one of the founding members of an Orofino organization.

Tuesday: This volunteer organization was found Jan. 22, 1911.

Wednesday: One of the organization's early fund raising efforts cleared just over $100.

Thursday:He was one of Clearwater County's sheriffs.

Friday:He was Orofino's first fire chief.

This week's contest sponsored by:

Valley Motor Parts
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Quality parts, accessories
paints, tools & supplies.
Complete line for cars, trucks,
imports & farm equipment
304 College Ave. * Orofino

Check next Monday's Window on the Clearwater for the beginning of a new contest.

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