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Debbie Rynearson took the correct answer: "The Orofino Post Office" into Riverside Lanes.

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According to information at the Clearwater Historical Museum, early residents of Orofino got their mail three times a week after it was delivered to the Gilbert Post Office in Ahsahka by stage.

In 1897, the post office was moved to Orofino and Lois Anderson was appointed post mistress. Originally it was located across from the White Pine Lumber Company on Main St. Later it was moved up Canada Hill to the Anderson home which was on the brink of the hill. It was moved to the foot of Canada Hill in about 1900. It, along with most of the town, was destroyed in the fire of 1906. It was rebuilt and James Parker appointed postmaster.

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A few years later it was moved west across Orofino Creek to a building later to be used as a harness shop by Edward Donath. The post office was then located on Main near College Ave. where the present day Orofino Flower Shop now stands. In 1915, a new building was constructed and P.H. Blake took the position of postmaster. It was moved to Michigan Ave. in 1927 and 13 years later, after a new three story federal building was constructed, it was moved to its present location.

Lifelong Orofino resident Lowell Hunter remembers workers moving the concrete in wheel barrows up ramps to build the present facility. They did not have the machinery to lift the heavy concrete. Previous to that he remembers the post office being where the Ponderosa Restaurant is now.

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At one time, the post office building had a Civil Defense Shelter in its basement.

Debbie won six games of bowling, two shoe rentals, two cheeseburgers and two soft drinks.

Photos: Top left--Debbie Rynearson (left), winner, and Robert Lashly, Riverside Lanes owner. Left--Orofino Post Office as it looks today. Right--Orofino Post Office building was under construction in this picture. Notice the ramp for moving materials up to the work area. Bottom--Orofino with numbers showing where first and second post offices were housed. (Historical photos courtesy of Clearwater Historical Museum)

Monday: Business for the organization housed in it has been done at other locations.

Tuesday: There was once a shelter in its present building.

Wednesday: Cement for the three story building was moved up ramps in wheelbarrows because machinery was not yet available to do the job.

Thursday: Hundreds of pieces of communication go in and out of this facility each day.

Friday: While it is now located on Michigan Ave., its original location was on Main St. across from the White Pine Lumber Company.

Saturday: Mel Snook lead this organization for a time.

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