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We had no local winner.
We did have someone from far away who knew exactly what it was. Check out this piece of Orofino history trivia.

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Sanders Cemetery on Wells Bench was founded in 1908 on an acre of land donated by the Sanders family. For many years, it was taken care of by donations of local residents. Later a taxing district was formed and those who cared for it were paid. Those buried in the plots are mostly from the Wells Bench area.

The property for the small white church, Wells Bench Community Church, next to it was donated by another family. According to Cliff Anderson, a life long resident of the area, the congregation was started in 1921 by Wilford R. "Sunday School" Johnson a missionary from the American Seminary Union. The church was built in the 1920s before it was finished; they met in the school house up the hill.

Wells Bench Community Church

Johnson lived in Lewiston and had quite a large area to cover in his missionary work. Before the population changed and became more mobile, there a larger congregation. Now there are 15-20, according to Anderson. There was also a community of Seventh-day Adventists on Wells Bench. They helped build the church and used it on Saturdays.

Monday: It is surrounded in white.

Tuesday: There are stones, yet flowers bloom inside.

Wednesday: It was founded in 1908 on Lower Wells Bench Rd.

Thursday: It is next to a small white church.

Friday: People check out the information on the stones for genealogical research.

Saturday: The land was donated for a special purpose.

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