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John Werner is the winner of Week 17 of Orofino History Trivia.

The answer is Sheriff Jack Conard. As part of a project by the Idaho Sheriffs Association, information was gathered on Clearwater County's Sheriffs and included in the book, Lawmen: The History of Idaho Sheriffs 1863-2000. Information for this week's trivia was taken from that book and materials from the Clearwater Historical Museum

Jack Conard

Conard was born Jan. 31, 1891 in Chicago, IL and raised in Bozeman, MT. He came to Orofino 1916. He enlisted in the 20th Engineers during World War I and served overseas. He was discharged with the rank of sergeant. He was active in Veterans of Foreign Wars activities after the war and served for a time as post commander.

He married Helen Lindgren in 1926 and they had four daughters and one son.

He was employed at State Hospital North as gardner during the summer and second cook during the winters for eight years prior to joining the sheriffs department. He was appointed early in 1942 to succeed Sheriff Leo Ratliff and then elected to serve three terms. Conard died in office in 1947 after a brief illness. He was also a city police officer prior to joining the sheriffs department.

Tuesday: He served during World War I.

Wednesday: He homesteaded at Grangemont.

Thursday: He came to Orofino in 1916.

Friday: He was a student of fingerprinting and criminal identification.

Saturday: He died in office as sheriff of Clearwater County.

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