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We have a winner!!

Michelle L. (Norman) Moore of Covington, GA sent us an email with the correct answer: Electricity coming to Orofino. Michelle was in the Orofino High School Class of 1990.

According to information from the Clearwater Historical Museum, Orofino's first electric lighting came from a small 100 watt horsepower water plant operated in conjunction with a sawmill owned by Hunsberger and Boehl.

K.C. Osterhout bought the site and established Orofino's first electric lighting plant. According to Ralph Shriver, "When the lights would dim a little, it was caused by cows drinking from the flume."

In 1912, it was converted into a steam plant and owned at various times by Lewis County, Grangeville Light and Power, Pacific Power and Light Company and in 1930 became part of Washington Light and Power.

Monday: Cows impacted it.

Tuesday: The first one was connected to a saw mill.

Wednesday: Water flumes were used.

Thursday: It lit up people's lives.

Friday: By 1912 this utility was provided from a steam plant.

Saturday: It was started by KC Osterhout, but ended up owned by Washington Water Power.

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