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We have a winner!!

Larry Hollibaugh of Greer sent in the correct answer Saturday: A.B. 'Bert' Curtis.

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Albert Bruce 'Bert' Curtis was born on a ranch near Salem, OR, Aug. 1, 1903 to Charles Garret and Elizabeth Ann Milne Curtis, according to a biographical sketch from the University of Idaho. Charles was from Independence, MO and Elizabeth was born near Dundee, Scotland. The family was among the early pioneers and moved to Orofino in 1912 where Charles operated a hotel for a time before returning to ranching.

Bert attended high school in both Orofino and Plummer and then attended the University of Idaho for a year. He then went to Lewiston State Normal School and earned his teacher's diploma. He taught and coached athletics in Fernwood before returning to UI for two more years. He married Alene Honeywell of Clear Lake, SD on Dec. 21, 1920 and they had five children.

Bert was appointed Assistant Chief Fire Warden for Clearwater Timber Protective Association in 1927 and a year later was named Chief. In 1945, he was made Chief Fire Warden and manager of the Potlatch Timber Protective Association and in the same year State Fire Warden, the biography said.

In 1966, the two timber associations merged and Bert was named Chief Fire Warden. He remained in that position until 1968 when he retired. He was president of two mining companies, Orofino Lime Products and Oxford Copper Mining Company near Pierce. He was also active in representing timber interests for a number of years. In 1951, he was elected mayor of Orofino and held that position for some 20 years. He ran unsuccessfully for a position in the U.S. House of Representatives against Gracie Pfost in 1958.

He was a strong supporter of Senator Henry Dworshak and one of the primary figures in obtaining approval and funds for the construction of Dworshak Dam. Bert received a number of awards for his civic work.

Photo: A.B. 'Bert' Curtis (Photo courtesy of City of Orofino)

Monday: It was organized 100 years ago this year.

Tuesday: He was a leader in this and another organization that is also 100 years old.

Wednesday: This man spent part of his early adult life as a teacher and coach, but changed professions a few years later.

Thursday: He was for a time mayor of Orofino and wrote a book about forestry.

Friday: He was a Chief Fire Warden for Clearwater-Potlatch Timber Protective Association.

Saturday: He was influential in getting Dworshak Dam built.

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