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Nelson Berry of Meridian was the first to submit the correct answer.

The Clearwater County Courthouse is the topic to our 26th week of a feature to celebrate Orofino's 100th birthday and the Bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery trek through Clearwater County. Nelson emailed the correct answer almost as soon as we had Monday's issue uploaded.

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There were five others that submitted the correct answer within 24 hours including: Traci Telecky; Steve McGill; Joe Musiel, Clarkston, WA; Harriet Reece and Jann Atkinson.

Clearwater County's Courthouse was built in 1928 and accepted by Commissioners Harry Gamble, chair; Fred Dieterle and C.G. Morris on Feb. 13 of that year. The building cost $61,431.93 and furnishing came to $11,431.93, according to a news account of the day.

Acceptance of the structure was delayed until late in the day because Gamble was sick at home and Morris was late in getting into town due to a slide on the railroad track near Lenore.

Chas. I. Carpenter was the architect and Fred D. Hammond the general contractor. At the time $200 was held from payment to Hammond until some final details were finished in the work. Andrew Jensen was appointed janitor of the new structure with a salary of $100 per month.

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"Black dirt" that had been moved for the excavation and construction was to be put on top when the ground was leveled. Then the area would be ready for planting.

In 1976, an addition was completed while William Bird, D Clifford Anderson and Howard Phillips were commissioners. Architectural Workshop supplied the architects and general contractor was Hollibaugh Construction Co.

Source: news article from Clearwater Historical Museum; plaques in foyer of courthouse


Monday: Ivy once entwined its walls.

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