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Insomnia drug may lower levels of Alzheimer's proteins (5-23-23)

Social safety nets may blunt effects of poverty on children's mental health (5-9-23)

Buprenorphine use in the emergency department safe for people who use fentanyl (4-11-23)

Artificial pancreas controls blood sugar in young children with type 1 diabetes (3-28-23)

Spinal cord stimulation improves arm, hand movements after stroke (3-14-23)

Osteopontin may play key role in Alzheimer's disease (2-28-23)

Probiotic blocks staph bacteria from colonizing people (2-14-23)

Link between hydration, aging studied (1-24-23)

Gut microbes may affect motivation to exercise (1-10-23)

Obesity alters response to anti-inflammatory treatment (12-27-22)

Smart bandage improves wound healing in mice (12-13-22)

Immune cells control waste clearance in the brain (11-22-22)

How timing of eating affects metabolism, weight gain studied (11-8-22)

Compounds block pain without sedation in mice (10-25-22)

Daily multivitamin may improve cognition in older adults (10-11-22)

Leisure activities may improve longevity for older adults (9-27-22)

Children's sleep linked to brain development (9-13-22)

Learning to control microglia using CRISPR may be therapeutic for brain diseases (8-23-22)

Study points to priming the brain as an aid learning (8-9-22)

Diagnosing hidden hearing loss studied (7-26-22)

Exercise-induced molecule reduces obesity in mice (7-12-22)

Long COVID symptoms linked to inflammation (6-28-22)

Improved dietary supplement for age-related macular degeneration studied (6-14-22)

Antioxidant effects on dementia risk may differ (5-24-22)

Study links synthetic chemicals to liver damage (5-10-22)

Viruses in the gut influence inflammatory bowel disease (4-26-22)

First complete human genome sequenced (4-12-22)

Vaping alters mouth microbes (3-29-22)

Blocking hormone improves Alzheimer's symptoms in mice (3-22-22)

Identifying immune cells for personalized cancer immunotherapy (2-22-22)

Study reveals brain networks critical for conversation (2-10-22)

Fiber in diet linked to cancer immunotherapy response (1-25-22)

Researchers measure protection after COVID-19 vaccination (12-28-21)

Researchers repurposing drugs to treat age-related macular degeneration (11-23-21)

Common drug may have potential for treating Alzheimer's disease (10-26-21)

Escaping stem cells play role in hair loss (10-19-21)

Researchers study critical time window for rehabilitation after a stroke (9-28-21)

Highly processed foods form bulk of U.S. youths' diets (8-24-21)

Detergent-like protein kills bacteria in human cells (8-10-21)

Device allows paralyzed man to communicate with words (7-27-21)

Testing a blood biomarker could identify neurodegeneration (7-14-21)

Short breaks help the brain learn new skills (6-22-21)

Study reveals brain cells that sustain or suppress fearful memories (6-9-21)

Ear tubes or antibiotics best for repeat infections in children? (5-25-21)

Lack of sleep in middle age may increase dementia risk (4-27-21)

Study examines how stress causes hair loss (4-13-21)

Study reveals how APOE4 gene may increase risk for dementia (3-23-21)

Fruit, vegetable consumption reduce risk of death (3-9-21)

Engineered cartilage produces anti-inflammatory drug (2-23-21)

Lasting immunity found after recovery from COVID-19 (1-26-21)

Nanoparticles developed for traumatic brain injury (1-12-21)

Stress may awaken dormant cancer cells (12-22-20)

Understanding 'exceptional responders' to cancer treatment studied (12-8-20)

Immune cells trained in the gut protect the brain (11-24-20)

Coronaviruses hijack lysosomes to exit cells (11-10-20)

Final report confirms remdesivir benefits for COVID-19 (10-27-20)

Pain rising among younger Americans with less education (10-16-20)

How high fructose intake may trigger fatty liver disease (9-23-20)

Several factors affect depression risk (9-8-20)

Immune cells for common cold may recognize SARS-CoV-2 (8-25-20)

High blood sugar may blunt benefits of aerobic exercise (8-12-20)

Exercise-induced protein may reverse age-related cognitive decline (7-28-20)

Lower wealth linked with faster physical and mental aging (7-14-20)

Unique genomic features of fatal coronaviruses studied (6-23-20)

Scientists find new pain-suppression center in the brain (6-9-20)

Llama antibody engineered to block coronavirus (5-26-20)

Poor sleep also linked with higher blood sugar levels in African Americans (5-12-20)

Lab-made eye cells restore vision in mice (4-28-20)

Number of steps per day more important than step intensity (4-16-20)

Study suggests new coronavirus may remain on surfaces for days (3-24-20)

Novel coronavirus structure reveals targets for vaccines and treatments (3-10-20)

Engineered bacteria protect honey bee health (2-25-20)

E-cigarette vapor linked to cancer in mice (11-27-19)

Emphasizing flavor boosts vegetable consumption (10-22-19)

Aspirin use may be widespread despite new guidelines (8-27-19)

Stress links poverty to inflammation, heart disease (7-10-19)

Engineered phages treat drug-resistant infection (5-29-19)

Virus helps bacteria evade immune system (4-23-19)

Prescribing healthy foods could bring cost-effective benefits (4-9-19)

Colonoscopies prevent colon cancer deaths (3-26-19)

Blood test detects several cancer types (3-13-19)

Light activity may lower harmful effects of sitting (2-12-19)

Physical activity may reduce depression symptoms (1-22-19)

Genetically modified houseplant cleans indoor air (1-8-19)

Physical activity program helps maintain mobility (12-26-18)

Probiotics not helpful for young children with diarrhea (12-11-18)

How the brain keeps track of time being studied (11-27-18)

Method identifies disease-causing bacteria (11-13-18)

Test predicts whether chemotherapy will help early-stage breast cancer patients (10-23-18)

Exercise, new nerve cell growth in Alzheimer's disease studied (10-9-18)

Awareness, action can help save a life (9-25-18)

Suicide a critical public health issue in Idaho (9-11-18)

Learning about fatal opioid overdoses changes prescribing behavior (8-28-18)

Dairy fatty acids not linked to death in older adults (8-14-18)

Protective liquid enables oral insulin delivery in rats (7-24-18)

Treatment for depression in young children studied (7-10-18)

Breast cancer patient benefits from modified immunotherapy (6-26-18)

Early drinking linked to higher lifetime alcoholism risk (6-12-18)

Preventing alcohol use among American Indian, rural youth (5-22-18)

Bacteria therapy tested for common skin disease (5-8-18)

Sleep deprivation increases Alzheimer's protein (4-24-18)

Procedure makes heart valve replacement safer for high-risk patients (4-10-18)

Gut microbe drives autoimmunity (3-27-18)

Food additives promote inflammation, colon cancer in mice (3-13-18)

People lose weight on diets emphasizing healthy food options (2-27-18)

Study examines most common symptoms of heart attack in women (2-13-18)

Does infant formula affect development of type 1 diabetes? (1-23-18)

Air pollution linked to risk of premature death (1-9-18)

Dietary fats influence endoplasmic reticulum membrane (12-26-17)

Physical activity key to keeping weight off (12-12-17)

Physical activity key to keeping weight off (11-28-17)

Diabetes increasing in youths (11-14-17)

Blocking stomach acid may promote chronic liver disease (10-24-17)

Breast cancer tumor test to tailor treatments (10-10-17)

Infant exposure to pet and pest allergens may reduce asthma risk (9-26-17)

Detecting early signs of cancer in the blood studied (9-20-17)

Brain cells that influence aging studied (9-12-17)

Medical glue inspired by sticky slug mucus looks promising (8-8-17)

Microneedle patch for flu vaccine tested (7-25-17)

More study needed into brain cells that cool the body (7-11-17)

Study conducted on reversing a common liver disease (6-27-17)

How UV radiation triggers melanoma (6-13-17)

Study looks at how drug marketing may influence prescriptions (6-1-17)

Enzyme drives middle-age weight and fitness changes (5-9-17)

Blue ribbon tied to heighten awareness of sexual assault (4-25-17)

Researchers find clue to repair of aging DNA (4-11-17)

Biomarkers for early organ transplant rejection studied (3-28-17)

Colonoscopies help prevent colon cancer deaths (3-14-17)

Fat tissue can communicate with other organs (2-28-17)

Genomics of cervical cancer studied (2-14-17)

CVHC holding Saturday Walk-in Clinics (1-24-17)

Bionic pancreas treats adults with type 1 diabetes (1-10-17)

Social status alters immune response in monkeys (12-27-16)

Recall of temporary memories studied (12-13-16)

Food additives promote inflammation, colon cancer in mice (11-22-16)

Diabetes Awareness Month helps educate people (11-8-16)

Study highlights ways to improve blood sugar estimates (10-25-16)

Depression screening and treatment in adults (10-11-16)

CVHC holding annual Women's Wellness Event Oct. 12 (9-27-16)

Detecting bacterial infections in newborns (9-13-16)

CVHC advising: Be wise immunize (8-23-16)

How breast cancers resist chemotherapy (8-9-16)

Approach targets autoimmunity (7-26-16)

CVH provides care for patients to transition back home after illness, injury, surgery (7-12-16)

Opioid pain relievers may prolong pain (6-28-16)

Redefining health and well-being in older adults (6-14-16)

Study shows how UV radiation triggers melanoma (5-24-16)

Strategies successfully reduce weight gain in young adults (5-10-16)

Researchers working to find factors that protect against flu (4-26-16)

Zika virus structure revealed (4-12-16)

Molecular ties between lack of sleep and weight gain explored (3-22-16)

Drugs to help diabetic macular edema being tested (3-8-16)

Toll of 'Invisible work' studied among family, unpaid caregivers (2-23-16)

Restoring microbes in infants born by cesarean section (2-9-16)

Glaucoma-related genes revealed (1-26-16)

Boosting brain's waste disposal system may slow neurodegenerative diseases (1-12-16)

How taste is perceived in the brain (12-22-15)

Breastfeeding may help prevent type 2 diabetes after gestational diabetes (12-8-15)

Comparing blood pressure control targets (11-24-15)

Molecule proves key to brain repair after stroke (11-10-15)

How do elephants defend against cancer? (10-27-15)

Breast cancer tumor test to tailor treatments (10-13-15)

Brief activity breaks may benefit children's health (9-22-15)

Dietary fat vs. carbohydrate for reducing body fat (9-8-15)

Combination therapy for metastatic prostate cancer (8-26-15)

Paralyzed men gain movement without surgery (8-11-15)

Symptom checkers evaluated (7-28-15)

Health effects of a diet that mimics fasting studied (7-14-15)

Shorter antibiotic course effective for abdominal sepsis (6-24-15)

Microchip captures clusters of circulating tumor cells (6-9-15)

Structure of a key blood pressure regulator (5-26-15)

Devices assess cancer drugs in tumors (5-12-15)

Brain mapping helps better understand basis of language (4-28-15)

Insights into energy-burning fat cells (4-14-15)

Autoimmune disease super-regulators uncovered (3-24-15)

Many at risk for alcohol-medication interactions (3-10-15)

Iron supplements hasten recovery in blood donors (2-24-15)

Immune system shaped by environment more than genes (2-10-15)

Skin microbes part of immune response (1-27-15)

Immune system reset may halt Multiple Sclerosis progression (1-13-15)

Unsafe infant bedding use still common (12-23-14)

Gene disruptions associated with autism risk (12-9-14)

New drug for common liver disease assessed (11-25-14)

Algal virus infects, affects humans (11-11-14)

Developing insulin-producing cells to treat diabetes (10-28-14)

Diet affects autoinflammatory disease via gut microbes (10-14-14)

Controlling muscle repair studied (9-23-14)

Structural states of a brain receptor revealed (9-9-14)

Gene linked to rare inflammatory disease in children (8-26-14)

Cool temperature alters human fat, metabolism (8-12-14)

Preserving livers for transplantation (7-22-14)

Scientists find molecular insights into a target for multidrug resistance (7-8-14)

Infant exposure to allergens may help prevent wheezing (6-24-14)

Laser therapy prompts regeneration in teeth (6-10-14)

Longevity gene linked to better brain skills (5-27-14)

How the brain pays attention to faces and places (5-13-14)

Paralyzed men regain movement with spinal stimulation (4-22-14)

Physical activity brings lasting bone benefits (4-8-14)

Electroacupuncture reduces sepsis in mice (3-25-14)

Researchers develop 3-D scaffold to engineer cartilage (3-11-14)

Study finds people who drink diet beverages consume more solid-food calories (2-25-14)

Study explores how the brain sorts out speech sounds (2-11-14)

Nature-inspired surgical glue mends hearts (1-28-14)

Arthritis genetics analysis aids drug discovery (1-14-14)

Studies of how mosquitoes detect people could help wirh control (12-24-13)

New genes tied to Alzheimer's disease (12-10-13)

Eye contact declines in young infants with autism (11-26-13)

How sleep clears the brain (11-12-13)

Naps can help preschool children learn (10-22-13)

Method quickly assesses antibiotics (10-8-13)

Video game training improves cognitive control in older adults (9-24-13)

Program improves blood pressure control (9-10-13)

Cancer chromosome abnormalities visualized in living cells (8-27-13)

Mutated genes in schizophrenia map to brain networks (8-13-13)

Brain protein affects aging, sleep (7-23-13)

Vietnam vets with PTSD more likely to have heart disease (7-9-13)

Insights into inner ear repair (6-26-13)

BACH2 helps orchestrate the immune response (6-11-13)

Refining supplements for a blinding eye disease (5-28-13)

Hormone may help treat diabetes (5-14-13)

Study looks at cholesterol as target for age-related vision loss (4-23-13)

Quitting smoking benefits health despite weight gain (4-9-13)

Shaking out clues to autoimmune disease (3-26-13)

Genetics of age-related macular degeneration being researched (3-12-13)

Compound boosts cell defenses (2-26-13)

Sleep connected to memory in the aging brain (2-12-13)

Protein linked to atopic dermatitis (1-22-13)

Source of new heart cell growth discovered (1-8-13)

Forecasting flu outbreaks helps with preparation (12-26-12)

Technique selectively represses immune system (12-15-12)

Dozens of genes linked to bowel diseases (11-27-12)

Healthy diet may fend off type 2 diabetes after gestational diabetes (11-13-12)

New insights into breast cancer found (10-23-12)

Early antibiotic use may affect weight (10-9-12)

New brain cleaning system discovered (9-25-12)

Genetic switch involved in depression (9-11-12)

Antibodies protect against range of flu viruses (8-28-12)

Bacteria on skin boost immune cell function (8-14-12)

Mix of food choices may affect ability to keep weight off (7-24-12)

Severe food allergy reactions in children monitored (7-10-12)

Genetics may guide ways to quit smoking (6-26-12)

Sigmoidoscopies decrease colon cancer deaths (6-12-12)

Thought-control gives paralyzed people helping hand (5-22-12)

Drugs equally effective for age-related vision loss (5-8-12)

Summer temperature swings linked to shorter lifespan (4-24-12)

Diabetes prevention makes economic sense (4-10-12)

Organ transplants without life-long drugs studied (3-27-12)

Early epigenetic effects in Alzheimer's disease studied (3-13-12)

Use of autoinjectors to treat seizures found to be effective (2-28-12)

Ancient roots of social networks explored (2-14-12)

Researchers find cause of rare immune disease (1-24-12)

Saliva testing catches CMV infection in newborns (1-10-12)

Less medication effective for wheezing preschoolers (12-27-11)

Targeted light therapy destroys cancer cells (12-13-11)

Stroke risk factors linked to cognitive problems (11-22-11)

Yoga or stretching eases low back pain (11-8-11)

Protein creates partition between bacteria and the gut (10-25-11)

Designing new diabetes drugs (10-11-11)

Gene linked to optimism and self-esteem (9-27-11)

Predicting how diet, exercise affect weight (9-13-11)

Insights into math learning difficulties (8-23-11)

Serotonin helps control body temperature, breathing (8-9-11)

Updates to family history may improve cancer screening (7-26-11)

Certain foods linked to long-term weight gain (7-12-11)

Early childhood program has enduring benefits (6-28-11)

Autism blurs distinctions between brain regions (6-14-11)

Blood pressure drug may help muscle (5-24-11)

Sleep-deprived neurons caught nodding off (5-10-11)

Broccoli compound may combat COPD (4-26-11)

New genetic risk factors for Alzheimer's Disease (4-12-11)

A molecular link between sleep and liver fat discovered (3-22-11)

Moderate exercise may improve memory in older adults (3-8-11)

Antidepressant effective for hot flashes (2-22-11)

How UV radiation triggers melanoma (2-8-11)

Tinnitus cure may lie in the brain (1-25-11)

Alzheimer's disease may stem from protein clearance problem (1-11-11)

Preventing bacterial infections from medical devices (12-28-10)

Insight gained into memory loss in Alzheimer's disease (12-14-10)

CT screening significantly reduces lung cancer mortality (11-23-10)

The origins of autoimmunity-causing T cells (11-9-10)

Structure of receptor involved in cancer, HIV infection determined (10-26-10)

Immunotherapy boosts pediatric cancer survival (10-12-10)

Stress hormone causes epigenetic changes (9-28-10)

Viruses found in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients (9-14-10)

Coaxing the body's cells to repair damaged joints (8-24-10)

Brain circuits start and stop the action (8-10-10)

Progress on a universal flu vaccine reported (7-27-10)

Touch affects impressions, decisions (7-13-10)

Infants can learn when sleeping (6-22-10)

Surgeries equally effective for women's bladder control (6-8-10)

Landmark analysis probes nature vs. nurture in multiple sclerosis (5-25-10)

Study confirms new treatment for Diabetic Macular Edema (5-15-10)

Mom's obesity raises newborn's heart risk (4-27-10)

Comparing models that assess breast cancer risk (4-13-10)

Insights into managing Type 2 Diabetes (3-23-10)

How mosquitoes get a whiff of humans (3-9-10)

Resting may boost memory (2-23-10)

Health benefits of cutting salt studied (2-9-10)

How light boosts migraine pain (1-26-10)

Gene variant may aid lung function in asthma patients, smokers (1-15-10)

Technique blocks a conditioned fear in humans (12-23-09)

Restricting sugary food may lead to overeating (12-11-09)

Genes that protect chromosome tips may boost longevity (11-24-09)

Nicotine patch-lozenge combo helps more smokers quit (11-11-09)

Childhood maltreatment linked to adulthood economic problems (10-27-09)

Lack of sleep linked to Alzheimer's plaques in mice (10-13-09)

Timing of meals may affect weight gain (9-29-09)

Antibodies reveal a new HIV-1 vaccine target (9-15-09)

Gene therapy shows promise for eye condition (9-1-09)

Intensive glucose control reduces complications of type 1 diabetes (8-11-09)

Alcohol's site of action revealed (7-28-09)

New insights into Novel H1N1 (7-14-09)

Prevention program reduces problem behaviors in fifth graders (6-25-09)

Common medication ineffective for children with autism (6-9-09)

Acupuncture-like treatments improve low back pain (5-26-09)

Genes help breast cancer cells invade the brain (5-12-09)

Overlooked 'Brown Fat' tied to obesity (4-28-09)

Exercise benefits patients with chronic heart failure (4-14-09)

Researchers find way to thwart fungal defenses (3-24-09)

Low Vitamin D levels associated with colds and flus (3-10-09)

Metabolomics links compounds to prostate cancer (2-24-09)

Cleaner air may lengthen life (2-10-09)

Time of day can be critical in chemotherapy (1-27-09)

Eye cells are out of sight (1-13-09)

Compound helps detect cancer cells in mice (12-30-08)

Experimental drug destroys TB bacteria from within (12-9-08)

Blood protein helps assess cardiovascular risks (11-25-08)

Children with egg allergies may tolerate heated egg (11-11-08)

Artificial connections restore movement to paralyzed limbs (10-28-08)

Scientists rethinking metastasis (10-14-08)

Monitoring the brain's memory-making cells (9-23-08)

Rare insulin-producing cells created from adult mouse cells (9-9-08)

Protein plays role in preventing autoimmunity (8-26-08)

Monitoring cancer changes from the blood (8-15-08)

Wide waists boost mortality risk (7-22-08)

Intensive blood sugar control studied for those with Type 2 diabetes (7-8-08)

Success quitting smoking based partly on genetics (6-24-08)

Smokers band together and quit together (6-10-08)

How songbirds learn their songs (5-27-08)

Physical activity, weight affect coronary heart disease risk (5-13-08)

New study furthers understanding of how heart muscle forms (4-22-08)

Gene variants affect human stress resilience (4-8-08)

Brief personal counseling may help maintain weight loss (3-25-08)

Experimental drug dampens alcohol craving (3-11-08)

The role of diet in Metabolic Syndrome (2-26-08)

Supplement use widespread among cancer patients, survivors (2-12-08)

Injury to specific brain regions may reduce PTSD risk (1-22-08)

Heart attack symptoms in women can vary (1-11-08)

Fitness predicts longevity in older adults (12-24-07)

Preschool program improves cognitive control (12-11-07)

Scientists find new genetic alterations in lung cancer (11-27-07)

Adequate sleep essential to good health (11-13-07)

Researchers work to understand resilience to stress (10-23-07)

Depressed adolescents respond best to combination treatment (10-9-07)

Stem cells in tendon hold promise for injury repair (9-25-07)

Proteins pair to form crucial hearing structure (9-11-07)

Soaking up toxic protein to stop Alzheimer's (8-28-07)

Diabetes drug manufacturers agree to stronger warning (8-14-07)

Blood protein warns of hidden belly fat, disease risks (7-24-07)

Researchers identify alcoholism subtypes (7-10-07)

FDA approves first drug for treating fibromyalgia (6-26-07)

Gene connects biological clock to weight regulation (6-12-07)

Skin cancer information newest offering on NIHSeniorHealth site (5-29-07)

Survey shows most people with drug use disorders never get treatment (5-8-07)

Reducing sodium decreases long-term risk for cardiovascular disease (4-24-07)

Protein Implicated in Rheumatoid Arthritis (4-10-07)

Diabetes increases risk for cardiovascular disease (3-29-07)

Children near greenery and groceries less likely to be fat (3-13-07)

Mental exercise helps maintain some seniors' thinking skills (2-27-07)

NIDA unveils publication to explain the science of addiction (2-13-07)

Excess pounds on pre-teen girls pose future health risks (1-23-07)

NIHSeniorHealth adds information on depression (1-9-07)

Study shows fat cells relationship to cancer risk (12-27-06)

New, easy-to-read booklet offers cold-weather tips for older adults (12-12-06)

Novel program enhances dementia caregivers' quality of life (11-28-06)

Inexpensive Test Detects H5N1 Infections Quickly and Accurately (11-14-06)

Study will evaluate effect of antioxidants and fish oil on Macular Degeneration (10-24-06)

Oral health problems: painful, costly, preventable (10-10-06)

High blood pressure information added to NIHSeniorHealth (9-26-06)

First Totally Implanted Permanent Artificial Heart Approved (9-12-06)

A Little TLC Goes a Long Way toward Reducing High Cholesterol (8-29-06)

NHLBI Offers Complete Guide to Physical Activity for a Healthy Heart (8-8-06)

Report Provides Judges with Public Health Solution to Crime (7-25-06)

NIHSeniorHealth Adds Information on Heart Attack (7-11-06)

NIH, University of Michigan renew major survey on older adults' health, retirement (6-20-06)

What is a headache? (6-6-06)

Fitness Fundamentals: Guidelines for Personal Exercise Programs (5-23-06)

Record the 'Legends in Our Own Time' (5-9-06)

What are Medicare presciption drug plans? (4-25-06)

April is 'Alcohol Awareness Month' (4-11-06)

Medicare prescription drug coverage basics outlined (3-28-06)

NHLBI Study Shows Smoking Cessation Programs Improve Survival (3-14-06)

Stress Can Trigger, Worsen Heart Attacks (2-28-06)

Orofino has unique health care options (2-14-06)

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