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Record the 'Legends in Our Own Time'

Have you ever had a family gathering and learned something you didn't know about a particular member of the your aunt was in the Navy or grandma was a Radio City Musical Rockette?

The art of journal writing is becoming lost in this electronic world when it should be even easier than ever to record the happenings of our lives. National Nursing Home Week is May 14-20 with the theme, "Legends in Our Own Time". Think about the things you don't know about your own family members and make a special effort to learn.

Here are some suggestions for starting "life conversations" with your family members:

  • Start with the current year and go back
  • Don't just focus on who, why, where and when. Talk about facets like: "How did you feel?" and "How did you do that?"
  • Instead of taking notes, tape record sessions and just make them a conversation.
  • Use world and national events to springboard to your conversations.
  • Record "Golden Moments" such as:
    • What's your most exciting memory?
    • What is the most amazing thing you have done?
    • What's your happiest memory?
    • What have you done that you are most proud of?
    • What is the most unusual thing that has happened to you?
  • Sit down with family members and develop questions about things they would like to know and then answer one every day or every week, depending on how often you are able to get together.
  • During family gatherings, talk about things that have happened in the past or ancestors and record those memories
  • Interview family friends to record their memories of special times, events and people

The most important thing is to get started before memories fade or are lost.

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