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Candy Cane Christmas

Many years ago life was very hard for my family. Earlier that year we were homeless and spent Easter on the side of the road. We had a hard time getting jobs because we didn't have an address and we couldn't get a home because we had no jobs. We learned to cook potatoes 100 different ways because they were cheap.

After a lot of looking, my wife and I both got jobs. We had to find a place to live because winter was coming and our tent would not stop the cold and my young children needed to stay warm. We found a travel trailer to live in. It was small for my large family but it would keep us warmer than the tent.

Christmas was soon upon us and we had no money for gifts. It snowed a lot that winter and I had to work late on Christmas Eve. When I got off work that night I stopped at the only store open in Lewiston. With only $7 that I had I bought candy canes. As many candy canes as I could. When I got home everyone was in bed. I took the candy canes and placed them throughout the trailer. On beds, the floor, counters any place that looked good. That next morning every one was surprised to see that Santa didn't forget them. We had a great Christmas that year.

A lot of time has passed. My family has seen many Christmases. We are doing well now. We have a home and great jobs but one thing that has not changed. Every Christmas morning, my family wakes up to candy canes all over the house. A nice reminder of where we came from.


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