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Christmas Traditions in the Tighe Household

Christmas is an annual holiday that should bring joy to everyone. It is a Christian celebration of the Christ being born but believers and not believers alike participate. My family and I are believers, and we have a yearly routine that unfolds like clockwork.

It all starts Christmas Eve night when we attend mass. After that we pile into the car, drive home, and consume our weight in delicious appetizers in anticipation of what the next day will hold, my brothers and I will file into one room in a timely fashion and discuss our plans for the morning hours.

Before sending us to our room both of my parents demand that we are to not wake them up or head down to the tree before a set time. Last year that time was 6:00 AM, so we woke them up at 5:00 AM and hid their clocks. This year I've formulated a plan to set their clocks forward an hour. After excessive groaning (by parents) and hassled rushing (by children), we drag them downstairs. Brady, Tommy, and I (having already peeked at the tree earlier that morning) exhibit our best impression of our initial surprise. My mother and father smile and display expressions of mock surprise and excitement. Breakfast is popped into the oven (the best cinnamon rolls in history) and while it cooks we all tear into our stockings.

Now comes the revolt. My parents made the rule that stockings come before breakfast and the rest of the presents are to be opened afterwards, just to drive us insane. We plead extensively and usually get a one present allotment before eating, which we open with intensity, then beg for more.

Scrambled eggs and hot chocolate are prepared to consume at the same time as the cinnamon rolls. My brothers and I inhale our food and encourage our parents to do the same. Brady typically sets a new record time for clearing the table and we sprint back to the tree that has been taunting us for the past 30 minutes.

The rest of our packages are unwrapped with equal or greater excitement. Once we are totally positive of the fact that the rest of the gifts have been revealed, we sit and talk for a time. A change of pace occurs and we slowly, without haste disperse to enjoy our new toys, tools, and gadgets.

That is Christmas day in the Tighe household all up until we watch a family movie at night and thank our parents profusely. Immediately after the clock strikes 12 we begin to anticipate what next year's Christmas will bring. That concludes my family's traditions for the Christmas holiday.

by Casey Tighe (From our archives)

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