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A dream of over 20 years has come true for photographer Woody Bausch with the publishing of his book, A Picture-book of Idaho's Clearwater Country.

Full color photos show his love of this home, Clearwater Country, from its sparkling streams and rivers to majestic eagles and open farm country to curious wildlife. Woody uses his skill with a 35 mm camera to capture the beauty, rhythm and life of this unique part of North Central Idaho.

Woody grew up in Clearwater Country in a family that taught him through experiences such as backcountry horse trips to appreciate and enjoy the beauty that he saw around him everyday. It was while teaching in Alaska that he got his first 35 mm camera and through practice and observing the masters of the profession, he honed his skills to an art.

His photos span a 30-year period and share his love of Clearwater Country with those who have the opportunity to live there as well as those who can only dream. This 32-page book takes you there.

Here are a few examples of photos from A Picture-book of Idaho's Clearwater Country. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger photo.

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