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Editor's Note: Window on the Clearwater has joined the Wednesday's Child network to help spread the word about children that are waiting for families to give them the loving care that they need. Each Wednesday we will profile a different child. For more information about Wednesday's Child and how you can be involved check the web site at:

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LeeAnna, Tanisha & Andrew

Age2: 7-13

LeeAnna, Tanisha and Andrew are a very connected sibling group in need of a special family who can recognize the value of their bond, but who can also meet the individual needs of each special child. LeeAnna and Tanisha are active teenage girls, who have a special bond that only twins can share. When all three children are together, younger brother Andrew can be lost in their big shadows, but when he gets a caregiver's complete attention, he can really shine. This active sibling group is ready for a permanent and loving home.


"Hi, I'm LeeAnna. It's hard to describe who I am and what kind of a family I want, but I do like to talk, so I'll give it a try! My friends would probably describe me as being funny, sarcastic, awkward, and a good friend. My best friend would also say that I am pretty goofy. Others have also said that I'm talkative, fun to be around, and that I have a good sense of humor. I'm also very compassionate and enjoy helping out as a Y-kids summer counselor. I love animals, as well, and hate to see all the animals in the pound. Me and my twin sister, Tanisha, visited the animal shelter and saw all the animals without homes. We felt very sorry for them and wanted to do something to help. So we put a collection box out at the Y, and all the kids donated money. We were able to take $50 to the shelter for the animals. It felt really good to help out!

"The kind of family that I want is a family who will help me learn things about being a teenage girl. I really want a mom who can show me how to wear makeup, do my hair, and help me pick out clothes. It's also important to me that a family is fair with their rules, who keep their promises, and who has enough time and attention for me."

LeeAnna's worker describes her as a caregiver for her siblings and states that she needs a family who can allow her to just be a kid and have more typical sibling relationships. Through therapy, LeeAnna has been able to work through trust issues, especially when it comes to trusting men. LeeAnna is a young woman with many talents. She is very interested in horses and other animals and recently completed a month of equestrian riding lessons. This has proven to be a strong interest; one that has engendered understanding of parallels between caring and responsibility between rider and horse as well as between one's self and others. LeeAnna also participates in track and field at school. It's important for her to have a family that can encourage her in her interests and support her in exploring new talents and hobbies.


"My name is Tanisha. I love animals, especially horses, and I'm looking for a family that lives in a wide-open space and who has a lot of horses and other animals. I have a gold fish and a cat named Garfield (because he looks JUST like Garfield!), and I want a family who will let me keep my pets, and have new ones, too. Me and LeeAnna just got back from a horse riding camp. It was so much fun! I learned how to care for the horses, earn their respect, and I hope I get to keep taking riding lessons. That's what I want more than anything. I also like to roller blade and ride my bike, and I liked taking track at school last year. I like school, and know that I need to get good grades because I want to be a Veterinarian or a Doctor when I grow up. The best part of school for me is art and drama. I have a lot of friends at school, and I'm excited to go to the 8th grade next year. My friends would probably describe me as energetic, funny, nice, and that I'm a good friend to have.

"I really want a mom and a dad, but just a mom would be ok, too, because that is what I'm used to. As long as I get to stay with LeeAnna and Andrew it will be ok. I think it would also be fun to have other kids in the family. I love babysitting, and like being a Y-kids counselor this summer. I hope my new family is nice, and funny, and will care for me and my brother and sister."

Tanisha's worker described her as fun loving, talkative, having a good sense of humor, and a lot of fun to be around. Parents who set appropriate, consistent boundaries will be so important to this determined teen. They could encourage positive choices without exasperating her. Tanisha has made great progress through therapy, especially in her ability to trust men. She, as well as her siblings, will need a family who can continue to access therapy and other community resources that the children will need to fully adjust, bond, and trust. The adoption team is looking for parents that have an understanding and respect for what she has been through. Additionally, she and her sister-not unlike most 13-year-olds-want to be older than they actually are. A family that can help instill appropriate boundaries and behaviors is a must. However, it is equally important to offer the girls safe opportunities to assert their independence and continue to gain appropriate freedoms.


"My name is Andrew. I love Legos, Star Wars, and video games. So my favorite thing to do is to play the Star Wars Lego video game. But I also like to build things with Legos. If I could choose a family, I would want a mom and a dad. It would be ok to have other kids around, but I want to be the youngest. I also love animals and hope that my new family lets me have a horse or a snake. I like school and have lots of friends. My favorite part of school is recess, and I guess I'm ok at math, too. I really like to play computers and playing outside. I hope that my new family will let me play outside a lot so I can ride my bike. I want a nice family. If I get a mean family, I'm going straight outside!"

Andrew is a charming little boy who has many interests and a very agreeable disposition. He is quiet but funny, shy but kind-hearted, cautious though able to attach and love. His adoption worker says that Andrew's quietness may come less from actual shyness and more from being overshadowed by his sisters' dominant personalities. He is a great kid and everyone reports that he is a pleasure to be around. He appears to be functioning at an age-appropriate level educationally, emotionally, developmentally and behaviorally.

These three children need a two-parent family or a single mom who can help them excel in their individual interests, and who will keep their strong sibling bond in tact. The adoption team is looking for a family with ENERGY, as these kids, together and separately, are full of enthusiasm and spunk. An appropriate family would have no children younger than Andrew and the ability to access therapeutic and PSR services where needed. If you think you have what it takes to parent this delightful sibling group, we'd love to hear from you!

Portrait by Once Remembered Photography

To find out more about LeeAnna, Tanisha and Andrew, call the Idaho CareLine number, 1-800-926-2588. In Idaho you can dial 2-1-1. You may be asked to provide this reference number: 30325.

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