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Editor's Note: Window on the Clearwater has joined the Wednesday's Child network to help spread the word about children that are waiting for families to give them the loving care that they need. Each Wednesday we will profile a different child. For more information about Wednesday's Child and how you can be involved check the web site at:


Age: 15

"Hi, I'm Hayley. My favorite things are shopping, make-up, hair and hanging out with friends. I would love to live in a larger town or city because there's so much more to do. The main thing, though, is I just want a family that cares and will never ever give up on me.

I like to change my hair a lot. Today, the salon dyed it with streaks of my school colors, red and black, and they did acrylic nails in the same colors. I LOVE it!

If my friends were describing me it would be 'funny, outgoing, strong, open.' When I was younger, I was shy and I wouldn't open up because I thought my mom was coming back for me. But now I know she isn't. Also, I've learned to be more assertive and I'm proud of that.

My friends and my brothers and sister are really important to me because they are the only constant I've had in my life. All the others have left me. If I live in another area or state, I'd like to be able to stay in touch with them, talk to them on the phone, text them and visit them.

When I was younger, I didn't get to be a kid. I was taking care of my siblings and I missed fun times. I need to be a kid now. I also need honesty--being up front with me and not sugar-coating things. I need communication and acceptance and positive things from parents that will help me with how I feel about myself. My strengths are that I have learned maturity early, so I can be older when I have to be.

I do want brothers and sisters. I want to feel wanted more than anything in a family. But I don't want to go back to being responsible for caring for kids. I need parents who will take care of me for a change and above all, won't give up on me. I also need them to be sort of like me--outgoing and fun. It will be important for them to be an authoritative guide but not try to take decision-making away from me.

When I'm older, I want to adopt, and to make a difference and use the things I've experienced to help others. I might like to be a social worker. I also want to be able to visit my siblings and to stay in touch with my mom on my terms. She was younger than I am now when she had me and she's made some mistakes, but I love her and need to have parents who respect that love. It's a part of who I am."

According to Hayley's case worker, Sarah, difficult times have built strength and determination in this unusual teen. "She is so much fun to be around and deserves a special fun-loving family." Sarah said Hayley has made conscious choices in her life about NOT getting involved in drugs or other things that might limit her freedom.

Hayley would do well in a family with little ones, as long as caregiving rests on the shoulders of her parents most of the time. Hayley has three siblings who were adopted by other families. At some point, she hopes to reunite with them and maintain regular communication.

Hayley loves music and sings in her high school choir. She also enjoys writing poetry and journaling, which is very therapeutic for her. She is currently taking Tae Kwon Do classes and would like to continue with a physical activity. At school, Hayley performs in an average range. With a little extra help and commitment, she could achieve even higher marks for her efforts.

Hayley is looking for something that lasts. A family's unconditional love is certain to bring out the best in this delightful teen. With the right parents on her side, there's no doubt Hayley will make her family proud of the accomplished woman she will become!

Portraits by Jon Ball Children's Studio

To find out more about Hayley, or for information on adoption or foster care, email the Idaho CareLine or call 1-800-926-2588. In Idaho you can dial 2-1-1. You may be asked to provide this reference number: 30337.

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