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Editor's Note: Window on the Clearwater has joined the Wednesday's Child network to help spread the word about children that are waiting for families to give them the loving care that they need. Each Wednesday we will profile a different child. For more information about Wednesday's Child and how you can be involved check the web site at:

Jasen, Dakota & Jenna

Age: 3-6

Jasen, Dakota and Jenna are enchanting siblings who deserve a well-grounded, fun and active family. Their ages and very appealing natures will attract many folks; however, only families with a current home study matching the childrens' challenges will be considered. If your experience or knowledge reflect parenting ability related to early childhood trauma and your community has the services they will need, you may be the special parents their adoption team is looking for.


"Hi, I'm Jasen. I'm six years old. My favorite thing today was playing on the slide. And I rode with Spider Man and played video games, too!

I love Dakota and Jenna a lot. I'm their big brother. They are funny and they are nice."

Jasen is a darling little boy who is part of a sibling group that must not be placed apart. Jasen took care of his half brother and half sister before they came to live in foster care, and he continues to watch out for them. According to his social worker, who is very fond of him, Jasen is a very smart little boy who learns quickly. Jasen knows right and wrong and responds to appropriate guidance to make good choices. His foster parents have been using a "Beyond Consequences" model (download free article). This approach has been very successful with Jasen and his siblings. He deserves parents who understand his occasional challenges to authority within the context of his past history.

At times, Jasen becomes bored because he is more advanced than his peers and learning new things is easy for him. The adoptive parents who are most likely to be selected as a permanent family for these children will be able to show how they might work with Jasen's feelings of grief and loss and his emerging discovery of his own capabilities. How would you connect with his interests in active ways that tap into his energy and enthusiasm for all kinds of sports?

Jasen receives PSR services designed to teach healthy ways to express anger, frustration, anxiety and sadness. He is making good progress in counseling and speech therapy. His adoptive family's healing plan should build on prior progress by rewarding good choices, providing a vibrant learning environment and creating the safety and dependable routine in which he thrives.

Jasen wears hearing aids and may need lifelong care related to auditory challenges.


"I'm Dakota. I'm four. I like to play. Mmmm...balls and with my toys in my room. Iron Man is my favorite toy!"

Dakota is an intelligent little boy with an engaging grin and mischievous eyes. He enjoys reading books with his foster family and playing outside with his siblings. His favorite activity is jumping on the trampoline. Dakota also loves going to preschool and learning. His interactions with other preschoolers are improving as he learns positive ways of expressing emotions. He will need perceptive parents and teachers who can recognize when he is becoming over-tired, over-stimulated or both. As Dakota has worked with professionals to improve speech and language skills, frustration-based behaviors have improved exponentially. He needs parents who will build on these gains and seek community resources as they are needed.

This little boy interacts easily with adults, giving hugs enthusiastically. Dakota and his siblings all need safety-minded parents who will patiently show them what safe personal boundaries look like. They must recognize the children's need for strong supervision and a secure, predictable environment.


"Hi. I three (holds up two fingers). I play wif my dollies. I like chocolate milk."

Jenna is an adorable little girl who is very bonded with her brothers. According to her social worker, she enjoys playing with her dolls and playing outside with her siblings. She may initially reject people she is meeting for the first time, depending upon her mood or anxiety level. She will let her caregivers know in no uncertain terms if she needs the comfort and security of someone familiar. Jenna's determination and ability to vocalize her needs are absolute strengths. She can also be surprisingly drawn to complete strangers when she is feeling secure. She will need observant family members to protect her in larger environments.

Jenna is very proud of being a "big girl" and mastering potty training. She only needs pull-ups at night. Other accomplishments are sure to follow as her resiliency and determination work for her good. She has overcome many earlier fears related to her history of neglect and environmental instability. Her present foster placement has been a strong resource in building her confidence and feelings that caring adults will protect her as she learns about her world.

Family Needs: Each of these siblings struggle with food issues and emotional challenges related to their experiences of neglect. Throughout the later part of 2010 to the present, Jasen, Dakota and Jenna have been learning self-calming skills within individual developmental stages. They will need continued counseling and patient parents who will support healing work. The children's caseworkers will look for a placement match amongst well-grounded families who can work with multiple providers.

These adorable children are loving and make everyone smile; however, some days can be very challenging. A strong support network and respite resources will keep a couple's perspective upbeat and focused on developmental milestones. The best match will be a structured, yet fun-loving family with clear rules and expectations, safe boundaries and patience in teaching children how to make good choices. Working with these children is bound to build your entire family's capacity for unconditional love and commitment as you lead them into a bright future.

To find out more about Jasen, Dakota & Jenna, adoption or becoming a foster parent, email the Idaho CareLine or call 1-800-926-2588. You may be asked to provide this reference number: 30450.

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