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Editor's Note: Window on the Clearwater has joined the Wednesday's Child network to help spread the word about children that are waiting for families to give them the loving care that they need. Each Wednesday we will profile a different child. For more information about Wednesday's Child and how you can be involved check the web site at:

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Age: 13

Xavier is an outgoing and likable young man who's made great strides recently, both personally and academically. With his interest and enthusiasm for many things, Xavier's personality and pleasant ways really make him shine.

"Hi, I'm Xavier. I like hip-hop and country music. I wrestled this year and did really good! I like to golf and can almost hit the ball farther than my grandpa. I love to swim, and I like the Harry Potter movies. I will eat almost anything, except onions. My family calls me the "garbage disposal!"

Thirteen-year-old Xavier is a young man who's grown tremendously as a person and a student. He says his favorite subjects in school are math, science, and physical education. He'd like to have a mom and a dad, and brothers and sisters, as long as he can be the youngest. Xavier would also like to maintain contact with his grandparents in Eastern Oregon.

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Described as "a good kid" with very high energy, Xavier and his foster dad admit that he does best when he's involved in lots of activities-both work and play. "Everyone has noticed the positive changes he's made over the past year," his foster dad said. "He really 'gets it.' After many struggles, he's changed his behavior, he's getting good grades, and he's making really good choices." According to this stay-at-home dad, Xavier is helpful around the house and helpful to his siblings, too.

That doesn't mean Xavier won't test adoptive parents to see if they're going to stand by him. He's survived so much grief and loss in his life that he will need a thoughtful transition into a new home if he is to maintain all the gains he's achieved. His family will need to give him plenty of time, understanding, reassurance, and lots of family activities. He loves four wheeling, camping, and just about anything outdoors!

Xavier is going to do best in a smaller family in which he's one of the younger siblings. Having an older mentor could be very beneficial for him. A stay-at-home parent who's eager to spend lots of time with him will also be helpful. He loves playing games!

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Are you a parent who can set boundaries and hold steady to them, while at the same time tapping into Xavier's helpfulness and humor? Honesty, dependability and good-natured discussions about choices and consequences are all important values to be modeled by someone he trusts. Most important, Xavier needs messages that let him know you're willing to work through any challenge because you are FAMILY.

Xavier's adoption team will be looking for parents who understand issues that arise from abuse and neglect, and who know how to access community resources to help meet his needs. If you have an understanding of the importance of maintaining contact with extended family, and the meaning of building trust and faith within your own family, you may be the parents to help this engaging young man reach his full potential.

Xavier is available for adoption through the State of Oregon. For contact information, please contact the Idaho CareLine at 1-800-926-2588.

Portrait by Moffett

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