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Editor's Note: Window on the Clearwater has joined the Wednesday's Child network to help spread the word about children that are waiting for families to give them the loving care that they need. Each Wednesday we will profile a different child. For more information about Wednesday's Child and how you can be involved check the web site at:


Age: 13

"Hi, my name is Kallen. I want a Mom and a Dad. Maybe a big brother. I love animals, like dogs. I like to be in the outdoors. I also love to be a creative writer. I've been looking for a forever family. I have a good sense of humor."

"I have been thinking about what I want in a family, and now I want to experience that. I would do anything to be adopted. I want to be loved. I also like to be tucked in. I want to have discipline, but some freedom. I am warm-hearted. I like to exercise, like running. I have had rough patches in my life, but they are sewn up."

Smart and quick-witted, Kallen often uses that intelligence to write, especially in the morning or while riding on the bus. He wrote the letter above to express his intense desire for a family. He's waited nine long years for that.

Kallen is fun to spend time with because his wheels are always turning. Keeping him busy helps manage his hyperactivity. According to his foster mom, having a young, engaging family that can meet his activity needs will be key in his life. "He needs somebody that is structured and will give reasonable consequences, then stand by them," she said. "When he realizes that you mean what you say, he has shown he can adjust and ultimately he respects people who hold him accountable."

Described as impulsive, inquisitive, humorous, a sharp dresser and someone who likes to keep his room in order, Kallen is most successful when he receives praise and attention, especially when it's connected to sincere efforts to overcome challenges. He has learned many coping skills, however; he needs parents who will remind him to use them when he is overwhelmed, excited or upset. He wants a family who can allow him to control some parts of his environment; Kallen says it makes him feel safe.

Kallen responds well to unconditional love, clearly expressed expectations and generous hugs at the end of the day. He has made astounding progress in the past several months, due in large part to mature foster parents who truly care about him. They hope to always be a part of his life and to remain in contact with him.

Kallen takes pride in his manners. He is also enjoying an ability to choose to disengage from tense situations, take a break and find safe ways of expressing anger. He looks forward to having parents who give him time in his room to think things through and talk about it in a cooler moment. He often processes through writing his thoughts and sharing them with his foster mom. She is no push-over, but also emphasizes that each day is a new day.

Kallen says he wants a traditional mom and dad who will do things together as a family. He loves sports, camping, fishing and hunting. He would love to get better at snow boarding.

Parents who provide strong boundaries, clear rules and structure will be rewarded by a smoother transition into their home. His foster mom says he becomes anxious when he has too much time to anticipate a drastic change in his routine, yet he does need a thoughtful transition to change.

Kallen deserves to be surrounded by a family team who appreciates who he is now as well as his potential. He deals with emotional challenges by keeping his pain inside until it bubbles to the top. In the past, emotional outbursts were usually the result of frustration, being tired, misunderstanding or feeling that he had been treated unjustly. Kallen is learning to be more introspective. He knows that mending is often more important than defending. Kallen wants a family to help him transition into adolescence and to teach him how to be a happy and successful young man.

Allowing contact between Kallen and his younger sister is important to him. They are bonded, though they do need separate homes. Do you have room in your heart and your home for someone who wants so badly to belong to a family? Kallen is ready to share his life with the right family.

Portrait by Barb from Barb Bergeson Studio Gallery

To find out more about Autumn & Andrew, adoption or becoming a foster parent, email the Idaho CareLine or call 1-800-926-2588. In Idaho you can dial 2-1-1. You may be asked to provide this reference number: 300204.

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