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Editor's Note: Window on the Clearwater has joined the Wednesday's Child network to help spread the word about children that are waiting for families to give them the loving care that they need. Each Wednesday we will profile a different child. For more information about Wednesday's Child and how you can be involved check the web site at:

Ashley, Brett, and Kiara

Age: 6-10

Portrait and Profile provided by NWAE

Siblings Ashley, Brett, and Kiara long for a family of their own who will love them unconditionally. Ashley loves to help out with household chores or activities; it helps her to feel more grown up. Socially young for her years, Ashley does best with older kids and adults. She loves music and is a big fan of Justin Beiber. Brett is a bright, good-natured, eager boy who wants very much to please the people around him. His active sense of curiosity, however, can lead him into mischief as he pursues his desire to explore and find out how things work. He loves playing outdoors; other favorite pastimes are coloring, playing X-box games, and watching movies. Kiara is a happy, easy-going, flexible little girl who tends to go with the flow. She seems to readily accept whatever good things come her way without demanding a whole lot more. She loves coloring, going to school, playing with friends, and pretending to be a mommy to her various dolls and stuffed animals.

KIND OF FAMILY WANTED: Ashley, Brett and Kiara's caseworker wants to hear from experienced, two-parent families who have a good grounding in behavioral tools and strategies, and who have the time, energy, and willingness to give each child a huge dose of individual attention daily to help them feel secure and grounded. It will be important, too, for Ashley Brett, and Kiara to have an at-home parent. They would benefit greatly from having adoptive folks whose experiences with children have taught them how to look beyond a child's current behavior to envision the potential that is there although, as yet, undiscovered. Because they are not yet legally free, interested families should be licensed for foster care and have an approved adoption homestudy. Being open to having some contact with birth family members will be an important consideration.

The siblings all attend the same elementary school. Ashley is in fourth grade, Brett is in second, and Kiara is in kindergarten. Ashley likes school for the social aspects but is noticeably behind in most subject areas. Having an IEP this year seems to have given her a bit of a boost forward. Bright and capable, Brett is at grade level in all subjects; he does have speech therapy to address a slight delay in his expressive communication. Kiara loves school and appears to be right on track academically and socially. She, too, has a slight delay in her expressive communication, and will begin receiving speech therapy at school in the near future.

While all three siblings enjoy good physical health, they have emotional and behavioral special needs related to the trauma of their early years. A family that understands the pervasive and complicated challenges ahead is more likely to be patient as Ashley learns to trust her adoptive parents and to learn appropriate ways of building relationships with others. Brett's special needs affect only certain areas of his life. For these two children, constant supervision is a must.

Ashley and Brett are in intensive individual therapy to help them adjust their world views and learn behavioral tools and strategies to cope in appropriate ways with their feelings. Ashley, also, appears to be benefiting from medication therapy to help stabilize her moods and lessen her anxiety.

All three are making up for years of neglect and become anxious when they don't get enough one-on-one time every day. They need parents who can mentally separate their behaviors from their intentions and demonstrate unconditional love and affection for each child regardless of behavior. Before they can start to trust and learn more constructive behavior, the children need to feel secure that their adoptive parents love and accept them no matter what.

On-going therapeutic intervention will likely be a necessary component of Ashley, Brett, and Kiara's routine support system for the foreseeable future. Their adoptive folks need to be strong supporters of therapy and be willing to advocate for new interventions if needed. . Ashley, Brett, and Kiara may be eligible for adoption subsidies.

Photo by Elaine Lowry

To find out more about Ashley, Brett & Kiara, adoption or becoming a foster parent, email the Idaho CareLine or call 1-800-926-2588. The siblings are available for adoption through the State of Oregon.

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