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Editor's Note: Window on the Clearwater has joined the Wednesday's Child network to help spread the word about children that are waiting for families to give them the loving care that they need. Each Wednesday we will profile a different child. For more information about Wednesday's Child and how you can be involved check the web site at:

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Ages: 14

"My name is Bryce. I live in Southeast Idaho and I have family and friends there. Staying in that area is important to me. I would like to find a family that's OK with being my guardian or life coach, without adoption or changing my name.

I would describe myself as happy, joyful, and funny. I like to spend time outdoors, and I like to play football and basketball. I also like to go camping, fishing, hunting, and hiking. I love fly fishing and tying my own flies. When I have time, I like to hang out with my friends. I also like to go shopping, and it's great when I can find a good deal on something. I'm a sketch artist and I like to make drawings on the computer. I like math class the best in school and English and science the least.

I'd like to live in a family where there isn't any yelling, and it would be great to have both a mom and dad who can be my parents together. A single dad would be OK too. I would like to have parents who are understanding of my past and open to talking through difficult situations. I'm really helpful doing projects around the house. I like using tools and I'm good at yard work. I even like to mow the lawn."

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Bryce has a smile that warms everyone around him. He is very well-liked by the other boys and counselors in his group home. His greatest accomplishment is the work he's done this past year in treatment. He's mastering self-control and issues that once seemed insurmountable.

Bryce is very insightful, can see how his actions help or hurt others and is very motivated towards lasting changes in his life. He talks about future plans of being a good father one day to his children, encouraging and playing with them. "I will do what my brothers did for me--like 'Hey, you want to play basketball with me?'" said Bryce. "And if they don't like that particular sport, I'll find out what they do like and be there to develop that interest." Bryce also hopes for a similar role model in an adoptive father. It is not too late for someone to be exactly that kind of person for him.

The Indian Child Welfare Act applies in Bryce's case. His adoption team would be very interested in talking to prospective families with at least one parent with Native American heritage or one that will have deep respect for his Shoshone tribal affiliation. If your family fits this profile, please call the Idaho CareLine. They will connect you directly to Norma Nelson at Northwest Adoption Exchange.

Portraits by Photography by Rashelle

To find out more about Bryce, call the Idaho CareLine number, 1-800-926-2588. In Idaho you can dial 2-1-1. You may be asked to provide this reference number: 30308.

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