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No one guessed the answer for Week 88, so we will give it to you with the background.

The gambling dispute between Finigan and Dorsy that turned into murder is the answer for Week 88 of Orofino History Trivia.

The following was taken from Clearwater Country: The Traveler's Historical & Recreational Guide Lewiston, Idaho - Missoula, Montana by Borg Hendrickson and Linwood Laughy.

It was in 1861 at bustling Oro Fino (the original one along Rhoads Creek) that gentleman's dispute over gambling turned into murder. Gamblers Finigan and Dorsey stood to duel over a disputed card game. Dorsey was apparently not very good with his aim because he took all three of Finigan's bullets, but did not hit the mark with one of his.

Dorsey was rushed upstairs to a bedroom above the salon where a doctor was in attendance and declared him "sufferin' but recoverin'". When Finigan hear this report, he went upstairs and with his knife slit Dorsey's throat, then went back downstairs to buy a round of drinks for the house.

Town folk felt the throat slashing was simply unjustified and sentenced Finigan to hang. A gallows was constructed and standing there with a rope around his neck, he spoke some "powerful touching" words that caused some tears and sad looks. The trap was sprung, but Finigan landed on his feet on the ground. The knot had not held. Some folks drew guns to protect this "escaped" man while others argued until a vote was taken to set him free. The town folk then took up a collection to purchase him a horse and saddle. He bowed graciously before riding out of town to the cheerful waves of the town folk.

Monday: Gambling

Tuesday: A duel ensued

Wednesday: He may have survived but his throat was slit.

Thursday: The murderer was sentenced to hang.

Friday: The knot did not hold.

Saturday: Funds were collected

Monday: Oro Fino 1861

Tuesday: The townspeople cheerfully waved good by as he rode out of town.

Wednesday: He was a better shot than his opponent

Thursday: Dorsey died

Friday: Finigan rode away.

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