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Ray Norton is the winner.

Frank Alteneder's bugle is the answer for Week 77 of Orofino History Trivia, a special feature to celebrate the history and heritage of Clearwater Country. Watch for more information and photos.

Tuesday: Wake up

Wednesday: In a far away land

Thursday: He blew it

Friday: Keepsake

Saturday: World War I 91st Division Army

Monday: Owner played 15 musical instruments and was self-taught

Frank served during World War I with the 91st Division Army and his bugle is on display at the Clearwater Historical Museum. He wrote the following to explain the display:

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"WWI 91st Division Army entry. Transferred to Hospital Duty. After they found out I could play the bugle they asked me to be a bugler. Two men had been doing it but both left and I did it alone until the end of the War, total time: 18 months. I also did my work at the Hospital in addition to bugling.

"I had to make the first call in the morning to get some of the men to work. This first call was rising. The 2nd was Assembly. The 3rd was Revelry. The 4th was Mess Call and this concluded the morning calls.

"Mess call came again at noon and again at night for supper. Then a 9 o'clock call called Taps. Next were the night calls, one at 10:45 and was the call to quarters and the last call was at 11 o'clock which meant all lights out.

"In addition to the above calls, there were fire calls and some extra bugling for the drills.

"When the war was over the Army issued me my bugle for a keepsake. I was glad to use it for the army, to be a soldier it help win the war against Kasier.

"We had two sons in our family who enlisted in WWII against Hitler. One was in the Air Force 2 1/2 years and one was in the Navy for 3 1/2 years.

"My family is of German decent. I can speak the native German language as good as English.

"Which call sounded best to me? My favorite was Taps."

Frank Alteneder, 1969
Age 83 years

Photo: Frank Alteneder with his bugle. (Photo and description courtesy of Clearwater Historical Museum)

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