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Harriet Reece is the winner.

The answer is the Banner School for Week 71 of Orofino History Trivia, a special feature to celebrate the history and heritage of Clearwater Country. We will have more information and photos of the school later this week.

We have a special purpose in the topic this week, Bernice Pullen, director of the Clearwater Historical Museum is in the process of developing a display on all the old schools in the area and she needs your help. Please share photos and information about the following:
  • Where on Chases Flats was the Riverside School located? The museum has a photo.
  • Where was Cream Ridge Junction School? The museum has a photo.
  • Where on Crockett Bench was the school located? The museum has a photo.
  • Where on Lower Fords Creek was the Canyon Creek School located? The museum has a photo.
  • There was a North Teakean School and a South Teakean School; on what road(s) were they located? The museum has photos.
  • There was a school on Harmony Heights, was that the same school as Blake School in Blake, Idaho or was the Blake School before the Harmony Heights School?
  • Where was the Storholt School? Was it before or after the Loseth School or just a short lived school near by?
  • Before the Upper Fords Creek School there was a school around the ridge east from there; what was it called (early in the nineteen hundreds)?
  • Was there a school on Upper Fords Creek Road where Cooper Road came into it? Was it the Cooper School or did it have another name?
  • There was a school below Lower Wells Bench Road about half way between Wells Bench Road and Grangemont Road, what was it called?
  • Did Russell, Idaho have a school?

If you have information or photos, please drop us an email at: and we will collect and share it with her or if you would like, contact her at:

Monday: They could hear the whistle blow.

Tuesday: Lumber to build it came from Judy's mill.

Wednesday: There were about 60 children of various ages.

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