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Congratulations to winners of Week 69 of Orofino History Trivia, John Werner (New York) and Joe Musiel (Clarkston, WA).

Oren Crockett is the answer for this special feature that celebrates the history and heritage of Clearwater Country.

Monday: Grew tobacco near Orofino.

Tuesday: Lived in a former church.

Wednesday: This person came to Orofino with his parents in 1898.

Thursday: He was a county treasurer.

Friday: He operated a confectionary store.

Saturday: He bought a hardware and furniture store in 1928.

The following biography was submitted by one of his grandson's, Doug Crockett

Oren David Crockett was born Jan. 12, 1884 in Schell City, Vernon County, MO. He was the only son in a family of seven daughters. The family moved to Wilbur, WA in 1887. They moved again when Oren was 13 years old to Craig Mountain, Idaho and to Crockett's Bench, above Orofino the following year, where they homesteaded.

Oren, when growing up, worked as a cowpuncher and a harvest hand, but he wanted more education. In his 20's, he sawed logs all summer to earn money to go to Lewiston Business College. He went one year, then had to lay out to work and earn more money. He went back for one more year and graduated in 1909.

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On Oct. 5, 1909, Oren married Nell-Gail Peatman at Orofino. Oren worked for the Orofino Trading Company across Orofino Creek for a period when they were first married as well as operating a confectionary store. Oren and Nell lived at the confectionary store.

William Michael Peatman and Oren purchased the original community church, constructed in 1902, on July 2, 1910 for $725. Oren and Nell remodeled the church, took off the steeple, and converted it into a residence. They lived there off and on until 1945.

Oren and Nell bought a ranch on Crockett's Bench (Gilbert Hill, near where William Warrick Crockett had lived). They farmed for years and had seven acres of tobacco and a curing barn-the tobacco wasn't too good-Oren said that it was "stout". Oren was elected county treasurer, serving three terms in the office and also doing the farming up on Crockett's Bench.

In 1924, Nell and Oren moved to the Canada Hill House and rented out the ranch on Crockett's Bench. After his term as county treasurer, he went to work for Jack Bryant in a second-hand store for a number of years. Oren bought out Bryant's interest in the store in 1930 and formed the Crockett Hardware and Furniture store, which he operated alone until his son John became a partner in 1945. Oren retired from the store in 1947. He became ill in 1949 and died.

Nell used to play music for silent movies at the Rex. Oren was a practical joker, but very well liked. He was a faithful worker and trustee in the Methodist church for many years.

Photo: Oren David Crockett (Photo courtesy of Doug Crockett)

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