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Our last clue was a big one and we have five people that sent in the correct answer. Winners are: Ray Norton, Harriet Reece, Jacci Heuberger (Carnation, WA), Cris Erbst and Kathy Von Bargen.

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Dr. A.B. Pappenhagen is the answer for Week 60 of Orofino History Trivia, a special feature to celebrate the history and heritage of Clearwater Country.

Dr. Albert Burnell Pappenhagen practiced general medicine and surgery in Orofino beginning in 1929 when he opened an office in the local hospital. His leadership in the profession and in medical legislation brought him numerous appointments to offices of importance in medical associations and the Republican Party, according to History of Idaho, Personal and Family History, Vol. III.

He was born Perrysburg, NY Feb. 22, 1894. Albert’s grandfather was killed while fighting with the Union Army during the Civil War. His father and mother, Charles I. Pappenhagen and Mary (Abell) Pappenhagen lived in New York and Pennsylvania. Charles was a skilled machinist, the biography said.

Albert married Elizabeth Wallace in Chicago, IL on June 21, 1924 and they had three daughters and one son.

The book outlines his involvement with various medical associations, as well as community organizations. But more defining are the memories of two people who knew him better, his daughters May and Ann, who both sent their memories of their father.

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Ann wrote that her Dad practiced medicine during the depression when money was scarce, so people paid as best they could in produce, a cord of wood for the fireplace. "He never turned anyone away. As teens we could not use the phone very long because it was a business phone at home. We survived.

"Dad and Dr. Hopkins owned the old hospital. Their office (was) on the first floor, patients on the second floor, and rooms for nurses on the third floor. An office call was about $2.50, if you could pay the bill.

"He really enjoyed all school sports and would attend any game he could. He would be the doctor just in case someone was injured. But most of all he loved watching the young people play sports.

"He was a kind and considerate man, the best Dad in the world. He encouraged me about nursing and I worked 45 years as an R.N. I worked along side him for a few years at Clearwater Valley Hospital, a good memory."

May wrote: "My dad was the sports physician, because he just loved to watch young people play and he was very good at setting broken bones. He was not involved with Kiwanis Club, but was very involved with Toastmasters which helped to develop his storytelling talents. (Kiwanis Club of Orofino honored him with a plaque in the Orofino City Park near the ball diamond naming it Pappenhagen Field.)

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"He loved to play cards: bridge, pinochle and poker. The Tuesday night poker game was called The Meeting of the Board and involved the local banker and the Chief of Police, so I always thought that would have been the time to rob the local bank. “When I was six, my father diagnosed my mother's enlarged goiter through the changes in her handwriting. He made all the necessary arrangements for child care and to take six weeks off. He took her on the train to Rochester, MN (where I now live) so she could have the operation at the Mayo Clinic."

Photos: Dr. A.B. Pappenhagen in his younger years. Second—Pappenhagen in later years. Third—The plaque in the Orofino City Park honoring him. The inscription reads:

"Pappenhage Field
In Memory of
A.B. Pappenhagen, M.D.
Feb 2, 1894 - Oct. 24, 1967
A True Friend to Sports
By Orofino Kiwanis Club 1968"

(Photos of Pappenhagen courtesy of Clearwater Historical Museum)

History of Idaho from the collection of Wayne and Corrie Shriver

Monday: This person's grandfather served with the Union Army during the Civil War.

Tuesday: This person was a Republican.

Wednesday: This person was a sergeant during World War I.

Thursday: This person opened an office in Orofino in the late 1920s

Friday: This person was a leader in their profession.

Saturday: This person was the first Idaho doctor to be made a diplomate of the American Medical Board.

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