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Jo McGill is the winner.

The Electric Glow Light Ad Clock at the Ponderosa Restaurant is the answer to our 51st Week of Orofino History Trivia, a feature to celebrate Orofino's history and heritage.

Kenneth Hengen, one of our readers suggested the Electric Glow Light Ad Clock at the Ponderosa Restaurant be an Orofino History Trivia subject. It is one of the memories of his childhood. He said, "I remember staring at that thing flipping its signs over when I was a kid while my grandfather, Lee Armstrong, had coffee with his old friends from the dam construction days."

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According to Ponderosa Restaurant owner, Roy Clay, the clock with its flipping business ads was installed in 1959 or 1960 by G. Frettig.

He sold the business ads and refurbished the clock and its workings about every two years as he traveled through the area. Frettig's territory covered the western states. The cards with the business ads are specially sized and painted by a specific artist that worked with Frettig.

The clock has two motors, one runs the clock and one rotates the signs. Clay said they have not heard from Frettig in about six years and have not been able to contact him. They would like to be able to get the ads updated and the clock refurbished. They do not want to give up what has become a special feature at the restaurant. They are investigating the possibilities that there are other companies with such ad clocks that may be able to do the refurbishing.

Monday: It flips.

Tuesday: Two motors.

Wednesday: Fluorescent.

Thursday: Time.

Friday: Some parts are outdated.

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