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We've had some guesses that were very close for Week 48 of Orofino History Trivia. The object described is a quilt made by a community social group from Grangemont. They called themselves the Y.W.I.F. or "You Wreck I Fix" Club. No one we have contacted remembers why they chose that name. The quilt has since been donated to the Clearwater Historical Museum.

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According to some of their daughters, Corrie Calland Shriver and Margaret Calland Fine, the ladies met in each other's homes and their purpose was mostly social. Margaret said one day she woke up not feeling well and did not go to school. It was the day of one of the Y.W.I.F. meetings and she was able to go along with her Mom. She enjoyed her time with the ladies. She also said that in winter the men drove them with horse teams and probably played cards while their wives had a social time.

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The ladies of the club hand stitched their names on the quilt along with "Y.W.I.F. Club". There are 12 names: Ethel Wheeler, Helen E. Schwartz, Grace E. Bashaw, Beatrice H. Hudson, Florence Calland (Margaret and Corrie's Mom), Wilma Mattson, Elsie Smith, Mary Harris, Violet Thrall, Leona Carlson, Daisy Hatch and Agnes Frear.

The ladies made several quilts. The one now housed at the Clearwater Historical Museum is from the home of Gilbert and Greta Matson. New batting was put in and it was machine quilted before being donated to the museum.

Photos: Top--The Y.W.I.F. Club ladies names are hand stitched on the quilt. Second--A closer look at the "Y.W.I.F" Club name stitched in the center.

Monday: Stitches

Tuesday: Names

Wednesday: Y.W.I.F.

Thursday: Grangemont

Friday: It kept them warm.

Saturday: They met in member's homes.

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