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Steve McGill is the winner.

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The fire bell in front of the Orofino Fire Department Station 1 is the answer for our 45th week of a feature to celebrate Orofino's history and heritage. Watch for a photo and more historical information.

Research in the historical minutes of the Orofino Fire Department, shows that a fire bell was one of the early items purchased by the new organization in July 1912. In addition, several designs were discussed for a bell tower before one was chosen and authorized by the fire fighters.

While it is hard to confirm, it is believed that the bell hanging in front of Orofino Fire Station 1 is the original. It had been in storage for several years before it was brought out in the late 1980s, painted red and rehung. A former member of the department, Frank Griffith, built the rope with the monkey fist knot at the bottom. With today's communications options, the bell is seldom rung, except for special occasions.

Next time you drive past city hall, notice the special design of the rope and its knot.

Monday: It once was loud.

Tuesday: It has a long attachment.

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Wednesday: It has been moved, but not far.

Thursday: It is red.

Friday: It has a monkey fist.

Saturday: It is seen by hundreds of people every week.

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