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Harriet Reece, of Cavendish and Lewiston, is the winner!

David Lawrence Hill Pollock is the answer for Week 426 of Orofino History Trivia a special feature to celebrate the history and heritage of Clearwater Country. Watch each day for another clue.

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Monday: Walking

Tuesday: Helped with Horse 4-H

Wednesday: Lived to be 93 years old

Thursday: Worked with a crew that surveyed the Idaho/Montana border

Friday: Lived in a cabin built by friends and family

Saturday: His name changed.

Monday: Was technically too old, but joined the military during World War II at the age of 35

Tuesday: Ashes buried near his father's grave at a Camas Prairie Cemetery.

Wednesday: Played harmonica and accordion

Thursday: Had no running water or electricity in his cabin

Friday: Read by lantern light

Saturday: Did many things by hand and was self-sufficient

David Lawrence Hill Pollock was born March 11, 1907 and died Sept. 19, 2000. Many people will remember seeing him walking through Orofino and down Riverside Ave. then up the hill to his cabin above Shriver Rd. The cabin where he lived was built for him by friends and family and had no running water or electricity. He read by lantern light. He got water from a spring and heated it on his woodstove. He lived on $458 Social Security and still had money to share.

Others will remember his involvement with 4-H youth, especially the horse programs and with the annual livestock auctions during the Clearwater County Fair. He loved horses and worked as a backcountry mule packer for the Forest Service and private companies. He was involved in such projects as surveying the Idaho/Montana border. He rode a horse into this 90s.

Dave Pollock

This photo shared by his nephew Mick Pollock shows Dave with his horse by a pond playing the harmonica

He joined the sevice at 35 which was technically too old. He was with the 102nd Infantry in World War II.

Dave owned 80 acres of his grandfather's homestead on Merrys Bay Rd. The U.S. Army paid him $86 an acre and made him vacate it . He moved further onto this grandfather's property and lived in the cabin until his health declined to the point he went to live with friends in Spokane, WA where he passed away.

His father, Lawrence Hill, died when he was young and his mother married Mick Pollock's grandfather. Two of Dave's brothers, Harris and Kelly, kept the Hill last name, but Dave took the Pollock. He also had two had to half siblings, Jane Pishl and Joe Pollock.

Dave played the harmonica and the accordion.

He was very self-sufficient, made his own tools, carved handles for his wheel barrow and could fix almost anything, Mick said. Dave also did a lot of leather work.

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