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Corie Samson is the winner of Week 39 of Orofino History Trivia

She wrote, "I showed the picture to my stepdad - Gene Mullikin and he instantly recognized it. The picture was taken at the Loseth School House around 1913. The group was gathered for a baseball game.

"Gene's dad; Bryan Mullikin - age 12, is the barefoot boy in the front row (6th from the left). He also believes that his Grandmother; Mattie Ella Mullikin is in the second row 2nd from the left and his aunt Nellie Mullikin (~age 18) is standing to her left.

"He isn't sure of many of the others but said that there were probably Storholts, Loseths, and I believe he said Emon Olson.

"Forgive any misspelling of names.

"Gene was very excited about seeing the photo and believes that he has a copy somewhere though he doesn't think that there are any names with it.

Corie Samson"

Do you know any more of the people's names? Drop us an email at info@windowontheclearwater.com and let us know we will update our readers as we get more info.

Monday: What can you tell us about this photo in front of a school?

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Tuesday: One of Orofino's prominent citizens is in the photo.

Wednesday: The school was outside Orofino city limits.

Thursday: Several members of the same family are in the photo.

Just a follow up note: Myrna Grasser sent an email to say that Emon Olson who is in the middle row and third from the right (looking down at something he is holding).

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