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John Werner, Scarsdale, NY is the winner!

The Jones Building on Johnson Ave., long-time site of Oud Hardware and the Orofino Mercantile Company, in Orofino is the answer for Week 385 of Orofino History Trivia a special feature to celebrate the history and heritage of Clearwater Country. Watch for more about this historical structure.

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Monday: Built in 1915

Tuesday: Bricks

Wednesday: Has a specific name

Thursday: Has been used for different things

The Jones Building at the corner of Johnson Ave. and College Ave. was built in 1915. According to news accounts, the masons working on the building were H.H. Waiser of Troy, W.H. Wallace and John Molback of Lewiston and George Cook of Orofino; the tenders, Cochran, Opplinger, Olsen and Higgenbotham. The carpenter work was done by Walter Tane and Ralph Shriver. John Philpot of Russell did the lathing. A Mr. Bartlett was the contractor, according to the Orofino Tribune. When it was built, it was known as the 'Jones Block'.

One of the earliest businesses was Oud and Shields Hardware Co. which moved in as soon as it was built. J.H. Shields and John Oud, owners of the store, were from Spokane. The other was the Orofino Mercantile which was the company store for the White Pine Lumber Company. The lumber company had offices on a balcony over the store. Harriet Reece says it was the place to shop in Orofino. If it couldn't be found there, you probably had to go to Lewiston or Spokane to get it. John Oud eventually bought out his partner and it became Oud Hardware. Eventually the hardware store took over the entire building.

In the early 1990s Northwest Value Pharmacy occupied the corner portion with Johnson Jewelry and Country Bouquet next door. Now Fiesta En Jalisco Restaurant occupies the corner space and Orofino Builders Supply Design Center is next door.

The Jones Building under construction is shown in the background of this photo that also shows part of the Orofino Band. (Photo and info courtesy of Clearwater Historical Museum)

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