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Ryan Smathers is the winner of Week 38 of Orofino History Trivia.

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The Old Blacksmith Shop at the corner of Main and Michigan is the answer to this week's trivia contest.

According to the plaque above the five horse rings that are attached to the front side of the AmericanWest Bank building, there was a blacksmith shop there in the 1920s. The rings were used to tie horses while waiting. The rings were taken from the building that stood there until AmericanWest (then Bank of Latah) was built. The history of that 1920s blacksmith shop seems to have pretty well faded out of memory.

However, Joan Kroupa's father, George Green, and his partner, Warren Palmer, owned Orofino Machine Works which was in the building from 1947 through 1967. Palmer was a blacksmith. In addition, the business did lathe work and repaired logging equipment.

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The building was later owned by the Nadl family and used by A-1 Body Shop and the Nadls. Riverview Construction saved what were originally 10 of the horse rings while white building was being torn down and five were placed in the AmericanWest Bank building when it was constructed.

Monday: It could be very hot.

Tuesday: They used hammers.

Wednesday: Rings helped.

Thursday: It changed colors with lots of work.

Friday: It is smaller and houses a very different business now.

Photos: Top--The five horse rings on the front of AmericanWest Bank. Bottom: The historical plaque above them.

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