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Harriet Reece of Cavendish and Lewiston is the winner!

The Gamble Hotel or Greer Cafe and Tavern is the answer for Week 376 of Orofino History Trivia a special feature to celebrate the history and heritage of Clearwater Country.

Join in the discovery!

Monday: Built in the early 1900s and stands today

Tuesday: Prominent from the highway

Wednesday: It was often a meeting place for community events and organizations.

Thursday: It was a hotel at one time

Friday: It was a stage and train depot.

It has been called several things since it was built in the early 1900s. Most people have known it as either the Gamble Hotel or Greer Cafe andTavern. After construction, it went through several owners before being purchased by Harry Gamble. It was a local gathering place for residents of Greer for community events and meetings of organizations.

From historical photos, it would appear that the building survived the Greer fire of 1910. Registers of the Gamble Hotel tell of people that stayed there during their travels up and down the Clearwater River. Its prominent location and view across the Clearwater River attracted many people over the years for a place to stay, food and drinks. It was also a stage and train depot in the early days.

Mike Smith and his wife purchased the property in 1977 from the Hollibaugh family and it was a busy place. They had live music, pool tournaments, cribbage tournaments, dart tournaments and arm wrestling competition to maintain a festive atmosphere where people could get good food and have a good time.

In the late 1980s they began renovating the apartmens and renting them out. In the early 1990s they added a deck overlooking the Clearwater and a red metal roof that really makes the building stand out.

The present owners are converting the building primarily to apartments.

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