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Join us for our 37th week of a feature to celebrate Orofino's 100th birthday and the Bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery trek through Clearwater County.

We still need more names to fill in the blanks. Do you know any of these young ones? If you do, email it to us and we will continue to fill in the blanks. Email: info@windowontheclearwater.com

P.S. If you are from out of the area please let us know that too when you write.

If you can't guess it, we will fill you in and you can learn a piece of history.

Return to this page each day to get your next clue.

Monday: This week we are using a historical photo. See if you can figure out where the photo was shot, when and who the individuals are. We will give you other clues as the week goes forward.

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(Photo courtesy of Clearwater Historical Museum)

Tuesday: Cris Erbst has identified the year as 1961 or 1962 with the Eagles Little League team and it was taken at the elementary school field. She says her husband John is in the front row. What more can you tell us?

Wednesday: Steve McGill submitted these names: Back row, left to right Ron Hanes, Sam Peer,_______,______,_______, Max Johnson; front Alan Brooks, _________, George Casteel, ______, Steve McGill, John Erbst, ______________. I am not 100 percent on a couple of these, but I know Casteel, McGill, Erbst, pretty sure on Peer and Hanes.

Thursday: The coach graduated from Orofino High School in 1954.

Friday: Nelson Berry has identified the coach as Dale Daniels. They graduated together in 1954. The picture was taken in 1961.

Saturday: Jacci Heuberger wrote earlier in the week to say that John Erbst is the second one left on the bottom row (with glasses and his mouth open). She also identified the boy on his right at Steve McGill.

What more can you tell us?

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