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Harriet Reece is the winner of Orofino History Trivia Week 36.

Mae McGill is the answer.

Mae McGill moved to Orofino in 1955 with her husband, Clay, and two sons. Though her primary responsibility was as a homemaker, through the years, she had many part time jobs.

One summer she managed the Orofino swimming pool. Harriet remembers her being an excellent swimmer. She also worked for a time at the Teen Center which was located where Clearwater Glass is now. Each year, along with working in the cafe at Riverside Lanes, she and Midge Wilson organized the annual bowling tournament.

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Mae and Clay enjoyed dancing and often attended the square and round dance activities around the area. She also cherished her summer camping trips on the North Fork with her pals, Jerri and Gerri. Harriet also remembers some of those camping pals being Katie Ponozzo, Eva Mae Una, Marguerite, and several others. They tented on a beach, swam in the river and had a ball.

Mae also volunteered at RSVP and Meals on Wheels.

After her husband, Clay's, death, Mae moved to Spokane, WA where she continues to enjoy the company of her two sisters. She remains involved by volunteering at the local senior center.

Thank you to Steve McGill, Mae's son, who shared the information and photo for this week of Trivia.

Monday: This person enjoyed dancing.

Tuesday: This person managed the Orofino pool.

Wednesday: This person loved to camp on the North Fork with their pals.

Friday: This person volunteered at RSVP and helped with Meals on Wheels.

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