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Phoebe Catherine (Snyder) Carr is the answer for Week 357 of Orofino History Trivia a special feature to celebrate the history and heritage of Clearwater Country.

Join in the discovery!

Monday: She lived in a turbulent time.

Tuesday: Her activities made her secretive.

Wednesday: Some of the memorabilia from her life is at the Clearwater Historical Museum.

Thursday: Was honored as a pioneer in the area

Friday: Crossed the North Fork in a canoe and packed in the rest of the way

Saturday: Came to the area in 1892

Monday: Homesteaded with her husband and children

Tuesday: Passed away at the Burns Hospital that used to be upstairs at the Centre'

Wednesday: Born in West Virginia in 1865

Thursday: Her parents and siblings came west too.

Friday: She lived on Upper Fords Creek.

Saturday: Had a still made by a man called "Daddy" Iron

Monday: Had six children

Tuesday: She was related to the Snyders.

Phoebe Carr was born in Harmon, WV Nov. 7, 1865 to Sampson and Elizabeth Snyder. She married Adam Daniel Carr in Aug. 28, 1881 and they came to Idaho in 1892 and homestead on Upper Fords before the Nez Perce Reservation was open for settlement.

Daniel came to Clearwater Country in April of 1892 and she followed with their four children and one of her brothers, Job Snyder. They crossed the Northfork of the Clearwater River in a canoe before there was a ferry and packed in the rest of the way. She was one of only two white women that lived on what they referred to as the ridge. The other was Mrs. John Kennedy.

In addition to her brother, Job, several of her other family members also came to settle in Clearwater Country.

Phoebe had a still, which according to information at the Clearwater Historical Museum where it is housed, she called a small still. It held 35 gallons of sour mash. It was made sometime in the 1920s by a tinsmith she called "Daddy" Iron. A “big” one held 60 gallons or two barrels. Smaller stills were 20 gallons and the old copper wash boilers were smaller.

She was honored in 1939 as one of the pioneer women that helped settle the area.

Daniel and Phoebe had six children, three of whom were still living when she passed away at the Burns Hospital July 6, 1946. She was buried in the Cook Cemetery.

Much of the information for this brief biography is from the Roots Web web site.

Photo: Phoebe Catherine (Snyder) Carr (Photo courtesy of Clearwater Historical Museum)

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