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Nelson Berry is the winner of our 34th Week of Orofino History Trivia.

The answer to this week's Trivia is Sp.4 Lonnie Hendrickson. Watch later this week as we honor this Veteran.

He is remembered for his smile by friends and even his "bratty" young sister-in-law, Lisa Ponozzo, who was only seven at the time. She also remembers that he always brought her Lifesavers.

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Lonnie Hilton Hendrickson was born April 16, 1948 in Rexburg. Besides eastern Idaho, the family lived in Alaska before coming to Orofino. He attended school in Orofino until eighth grade when he moved with his family to Idaho Falls for a year. They returned to Orofino and Lonnie graduated from Orofino High School in 1966.

On April 25, 1968, he married LuAnn Sutton (Lisa's sister). Prior to going to Vietnam, Lonnie worked at Riverside Mill and State Hospital North.

Clark Jenks served with Lonnie in Vietnam and describes him as a happy-go-lucky, smiling young man. They were both with the 116th Engineering Battalion of the Idaho National Guard in Vietnam. Lonnie was killed and two other men injured when an anti personnel mine blew up. He is the one National Guardsman from the Orofino Armory to be killed in combat.

At the time of his death, April 3, 1969, LuAnn was expecting their first child. Their daughter, Heidi, was born a month after his death. Heidi said her father's death was very hard on her who was 17 years old at the time. Her mother lived with her grandmother for awhile. Then she married Richard Donaldson, they had a son, but later divorced. LuAnn raised her two children in Lewiston until 1984 when she married Mike Naccarini and the family moved to Shelton, WA. Heidi graduated from high school there and then came to live with her grandmother in Peck. She has lived there for about 10 years. Since her step-father's death from cancer, Heidi's mother has returned to school.

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Lonnie is remembered and honored with a plaque on the front of the Orofino Armory. Heidi's family tells her that he is also remembered when she smiles.

Photos: Lonnie H. Hendrickson's senior photo from the Orofino High School "Prospector" 1966. The memorial plaque on the front of the Orofino National Guard Armory.

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