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Decker E. Lakin is the answer for Week 322 of Orofino History Trivia a special feature to celebrate the history and heritage of Clearwater Country.

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Monday: A former mayor

Tuesday: Peck 1908

Wednesday: He was fond of reading and singing.

Thursday: Politically, he was independent.

Friday: Born in New York

Saturday: Owned a flour mill with its electric plant.

Monday: Engaged in the cattle business and had a ranch for several years

Tuesday: Was a member of the Peck Commercial Club

Wednesday: A stockholder in the State Bank of Peck

Thursday: Was on the school board

Friday: Had nine children

Saturday: Came to Peck in 1898

Tuesday: Born in Delaware County, New York

Decker E. Lakin was born Jan. 6, 1863 in Delaware County New York. When he was five, according to History of Idaho, he moved with his family to Wisconsin and lived there until he was 18. Then he moved to Minneapolis, MN where he was involved in the Washburn-Crosby Flour Mills. From there he went to South Dakota where he ranched and raised cattle for 17 years. Due to drought conditions, he then moved to Butte, MT where he was also involved in the cattle industry.

In 1898, he came to Peck and again raised cattle and ranching for a time. Later he owned a flour mill that had its own electrical plant that supplied power the enterprise as well as his home.

Lakin was very involved in the community and was Peck's mayor for a time as well as being on the school board. He was also a member of the Peck Commercial Club and a stockholder in the State Bank of Peck. Politically, he was independent.

History of Idaho says he was fond of reading and singing and was a member of the Peck church choir.

He and his wife, Amy (Bartram), had nine children.

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