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Harriet Reece is the winner!

Potlatch Corporation's Employment office in Orofino is the answer for Week 316 of Orofino History Trivia a special feature to celebrate the history and heritage of Clearwater Country.

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Monday: Had an office in Orofino

Tuesday: Served one particular company

Wednesday: It consolidated efforts.

Thursday: Access was nore convenient.

Frisday: Received orders fom the camps

According to The Family Tree, a Potlatch Forests, Inc. publication, of March 1937, the management of Potlatch Forests, Inc. had for a number of years thought and talked about having an employment office in Orofino for their logging operation. It became a reality in late summer of 1936 under the leadership of Adrian Nelson, Jr.

The idea was to consolidate the hiring of workers in one central office rather than having job seekers travel from camp to camp to see if positions were open. The high turn over of men in woods work was common and the central employment office saved time and effort for both those applying for work and the logging camps that needed workers.

According to the article, the office was placed in Orofino because of the proximity to the company's logging operations and a great number of residents of the close vicinity were woods workers. It was also easily motor vehicles and trains throughout the year.

Keeping in touch with woods workers, getting to know them and their qualification and knowing the type of man wanted by the foreman were all a part of the office. At the time the article was written, there were approximately 3,400 men registered with the office.

Harriet said she worked in the office for a summer setting up new personnel records. It was located in the Curtis Building on 1st Ave. where the City of Orofino offices are now, along with CTPA, PTPA, PFPD and CFPD.

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