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Edward Hammond is the answer for Week 315 of Orofino History Trivia a special feature to celebrate the history and heritage of Clearwater Country.

Join in the discovery!

Monday: Born in New Orleans and raised in Cincinatti

Tuesday: After mining in California, he came to Pierce in 1861.

Wednesday: Was involved in mining, merchandising and ranching while in this area

Thursday: Was a probate judge

Friday: He had a brother who died in Andersonville prison during the Civil War.

Saturday: Had a farm about 11 miles southwest of Pierce

Monday: Spent some time away and came back

Tuesday: Bought back a mining claim to help protect its owners

Wednesday: Claim jumpers were a problem.

Thusday: Was married

Friday: His life was recorded in a book.

Saturday: Was auditor and recorder for four years

Monday: Was elected to the legislature in 1877

Edward Hammond was born in New Orleans in 1830 and after his father's death in 1834, moved with his mother and family to Cincinnati, OH where he was raised. He received his formal education at St. Xavier College of the Jesuits, leaving that school at 19 years old. He was then involved in a military campaign to Cuba.

In 1852, he traveled to California and became a part of the gold rush there. He came to Pierce in 1861 and stayed for a few months before returning to Lewiston, Montana and California. He returned to Pierce in 1872. After returning, he was involved in the enterprises of mining, merchandising and ranching. He had a farm about 11 miles southeast of Pierce which he had in hay and timber.

In 1874 and 1880, he served as probate judge with a stint in the middle when he was elected to the legislature. He was also the auditor and recorder for four years.

Hammond was last involved in mining on the old Nelson ditch which he owned. The property originally cost Nelson $20,000. He sold it to a Chinese men who in later years did not have right to own it. He sold it to Pat Kane who leased it back to the Chinese man to stop claim jumpers. Later the jumpers and came again and Kane fearing they might succeed enlisted the local to help him. They all spent the summer at the Chinese boarding house and had a "fine holiday". They however tired of the expense and came to Hammond and agreed if he would buy the ditch, they would pay him whatever rent he chose. He bought it from Kane for $200 and then charged the Chinese $100 per year for it. This continued for 10 years. Hammond also had the privilege of taking the excess water which brought him about $400 per year. When the lease expired, he sold the land to the Gold Hill Company and the Chinese returned to China.

Hammond had a brother, James who perished in Andersonville prison during the Civil War.

He was married to Mrs. Mary F. Carrigan, a widow, Jan. 8, 1884.

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