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Join us for our 31st week of a feature to celebrate Orofino's 100th birthday and the Bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery trek through Clearwater County.

We are asking that you look carefully at the picture, either on this page or click on the photo to see a larger version. If you know names for those in the photo besides those listed with the enlarged version, please, email it to us. We will let you know as names are added. Email: info@windowontheclearwater.com

P.S. If you are from out of the area please let us know that too when you write.

If you can't guess it, we will fill you in and you can learn a piece of history as we do.


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Tuesday: Harriet Reece has correctly identified the location: Helgeson Place Dining Room. John Werner has identified the first man on the left as Frank Gaffney and that is confirmed. He has identified a couple of others, we need to verify. What more can you tell us, approximate time, other people, what occassion?

Wednesday: These people got together for a holiday.

Thursday: One man was the leader.

Friday: All of those in the picture worked for Gaffney Thompson Chevrolet.

Saturday: The year was 1950.

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