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No one got the correct answer.

Orofino's Second School is the answer for Week 307 of Orofino History Trivia a special feature to celebrate the history and heritage of Clearwater Country.

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Monday: According to historical records, it cost $1,200.

Tuesday: Where it stood is a parking lot now.

Wednesday: Needed expanded long before expected

Thursday: It was replaced by a brick structure.

Friday: Numbers of children increased.

Saturday: It was not the first in town.

Monday: 1902

Tuesday: Behind what is now the IOOF Hall

Wednesday: The building had two stories.

Thursday: As it grew, more people were employed.

Friday: It accommodated the children for five years.

Saturday: There were three teachers.

Orofino's second school was built in the area which is now a parking lot at the corner of Main St. and 1st St. behind the Odd Fellows Lodge. The two-story frame building was constructed in 1902 at a cost of about $1,200.

Some people thought this building was far too large and that it would take several years before they would fill it. However, it became too small in one year and another room was added. That made it three rooms in all and another teacher was hired for the new room. This building accommodated the students for five years until the oldest part of the brick school now known as Orofino Junior High School was built and the students moved there in the middle of the 1908-09 term.

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