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Nelson Berry of Meridian is the Winner

Clay McGill is the answer to our 30th week of Orofino History Trivia. Nelson sent the answer last night and Jeanine Cook this morning. Thank you to Steve and Jo McGill for the information and photo.

Clayton McGill moved to Orofino in 1955 with his wife and two boys from Libby, MT. He began working for Wayne Pippenger at the "corner store IGA". In those days he wore a bow tie, apron and always carried a box cutter and feather duster.

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After his retirement, he and his wife, Mae, took up fishing. In the summertime it was on Dworshak Reservoir catching "silvers". In the fall, he took to the Clearwater River fishing for steelhead.

To fill their days and provide service to other, Clay and Mae started delivering "Meals on Wheels". He also found a new joy in volunteering at Dworshak National Fish Hatchery. During spawning season, he was a tour guide and loved to tell people about the spawning process. He really enjoyed all the employees and the camaraderie.

Clay was tragically killed in a car accident on U.S. Highway 12 in August 1995.

Monday: This person moved with their family to Orofino in 1955 from Montana.

Tuesday: This person packed a feather duster and a box cutter.

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