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Join us for Week 229 of Orofino History Trivia a special feature to celebrate the history and heritage of Clearwater Country. This week is a little different. See the request below:

Drop us an email at: Please, let us know where you are from, if it is out of the area.

Join in the discovery!

Tuesday: Since it is back to school time, we are checking to see which schools, past and present, our readers remember. Please email your lists to the address above and if you can, tell us something about them such as location, time period and grades. We will let you know which ones we hear about as they come in.

Wednesday: Timberline School is located between Weippe and Pierce just off State Highway 11 and is in its third year of having students of all ages.
Banner School
Cavendish/Teakean School which is located in Cavendish and at present has students from K-6
Peck School is located in Peck and at present has students from K-6

Thursday: Weippe Elementary School
Weippe High School
Weippe Middle School
Orofino Junior High School

Friday: Pittwood School on Eureka Ridge, about 5 miles from Orofino.
One-room 1st through 8th grades schoolhouse. Wood stove, outdoor amenities. Some kind of drinking-water container, with a handy dipper for community use. The water came from a cistern on the property, and had a hand pump. No one seemed to wonder where the water had been before the cistern, but in all likelihood it was free of chemicals such as chlorine.
Uphill. Both ways.
Rosalie Oxford, in the Land of Lincoln

Fraser School (Fraser Area.) All 8 grades - consolidated with Cottonwood School in 1945. Fraser school is now a community center in Fraser.
Cottonwood School (Fraser Area) All 8 grades. It burned after the Christmas Program in Dec. 1948.
Glenna Johnston

"I remember Orofino Elementary when the whole Orofino School was in the one building where the junior high is now. Then it was for grades 1-12. No kindergarten. Then of course Orofino High School. In my fifth grade year (1948) we lived in Wash. D.C. for six months whilst Dad worked for Sen. Henry Dworshak, I thus spent the second half of my fifth grade at Congress Heights Public School, in SE WDC. Mrs. Weston was our 5th grade teacher in Orofino and Miss Palmer in WDC.
John Werner, Scarsdale, NY.

Saturday: "I attended Johnstown School 1949-50 in the field near Schmidt Mill Road. I walked there from home in Schmidt Mill. Then attended Weippe Grade School and on to Junior High and High School graduating in 1963. When in Junior High, one of the high school students attended the O.K. school on Three Mile Road. I'm still thinking there seems to be more in that area.
Kay Mathews DeFrancesco

Monday: "No one has mentioned Dent school, Elk Creek School, or Ahsahka. I have a picture of a class at Angel Ridge school where Ralph Lacey attended when he was a first grader. It has to be out of Peck in the hills somewhere.

There must have been a school not far up the Cavendish grade, as Bud Conroy's mom used to row a boat across the river below my place and walk up to that school when she was a teacher, or that is what I was always told. That was before I first met her in 1945.

There was a building near where Harvest Foods now is that was always called a school, but it was never used as one from the time I moved to Chases Flats in 1945. It sat East of the road into Harvest Foods, and was closer to the highway. It always looked abandoned to me."
Betty Williams Ells

"Piper School--located on Grangemont highway. Most remembered event was when I was in 7th grade another student and I put a 22 shell in the wood stove. BANG We were kicked out of school for the rest of the day. We enjoyed our free afternoon."
Phil Johnston

Additional schools:

The Cavendish School and the Teakean School used to be separate one-room schools. Cavendish school was located at the junction of Cavendish Road and Freeman Creek Road. Teakean School was near the present Fire Hall on Middle Road. In about 1955 or 56 they were combined into one school in a new building with eight grades and two teachers. The two teachers at the new school--Alda McIver and Lottie Brock, each with four grades. Prior to this time all students were not bussed to the two schools. With the new school came a new bus with Bill Reece as driver.
Harriet Reece

Which ones can you add?

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