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John Werner of Scarsdale, NY is the winner!

Clearwater County's vehicle # 1 license plate (6C 1) owned by the Snyder family is the answer for Week 192 of Orofino History Trivia a special feature to celebrate the history and heritage of Clearwater Country.

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Wednesday: Crosses bridges first

The Snyder family has for decades owned the #1 license plate in Clearwater County. Samson Snyder originally had it on his vehicle. Today, it is on the vehicle of Rosella Snyder. That license plate has twice been on the first private vehicle to cross the newest Orofino Bridge across the Clearwater River, once in 1939 and again in 1999.

Harriet Reese added this info: "Rosella Snyder has 6C 1 and I have 6C 2. When the numbers were originally given out, Eldon's father had been in the automobile business the longest in Clearwater County so he got 1. My grandfather, Charles O. Portfors, had been in business the second longest, so he got 2. When he died my uncle, F. A. "Porkie" Portfors. inherited the plate, and when he died without any children, I was the only heir living in Clearwater County, so after all his other heirs signed off on the plate, the County was able to issue it to me. I have kept that plate to this day as my inheritance even though I now spend most of my time in Lewiston. This is possible as long as I purchase my plate in Clearwater County. The 6C only designates where the plate was purchased, not where the resident lives.

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