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Phil Johnston of Orofino, Harriet Reece of Cavendish/Lewiston and Chuck Johnson of Fairbanks, AK are the winners!

Canada Hill is the answer for Week 190 of Orofino History Trivia a special feature to celebrate the history and heritage of Clearwater Country.

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Monday: It was center

Tuesday: First jail

Wednesday: Three hotels

Thursday: Orofino prohibition

Friday: Now primarily residential

Saturday: At one time it had post office, bakery, undertaker, hardware store, merchantile, barber shop, confectionary, drug store, general merchandise store, print shop, community building, butcher shop, bank, clothing store, church, lime kiln, tramway and a blacksmith.

In 1895 Clifford C. Fuller filed a homestead on the Clearwater River at the mouth of Orofino Creek. When more settlers arrived, in 1898, he organized the Clearwater Improvement Company and platted the townsite of Orofino. The northen boundary of his homestead was near the present 1st St. and ran south up what is now "Canada Hill".

The original town of Orofino was on Canada Hill and had a wide variety of business enterprises, as well as a jail, post office and church. Later, areas east of Orofino Creek opened up and the town grew both along the Clearwater River and up Orofino Creek. (Reference: Orofino, Idaho: The Preservation of a Culturaland Historical Past by Katie Eichert)

Legend is that the area was named "Canada Hill" during prohibition. People would say they went to "Canada" or "Little Canada" to get their liquor.

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