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Fred Kelley of Cottonwood and John Werner of Scarsdale, NY are the winners.

Clearwater County Sheriff Fred Pomeroy is the answer for Week 187 of Orofino History Trivia a special feature to celebrate the history and heritage of Clearwater Country. Watch for more background.

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Monday: Long-time resident before election to office.

Tuesday: When the jail was unoccupied for a time, he had it repainted.

Wednesday: Was successful in his Democratic primary bid in 1958.

Thursday: He wore a badge.

Fred Pomeroy was born Oct. 8, 1902 in Nezperce the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pomeroy, according to Lawmen, The History of Idaho Sheriff 1863-2000. Prior to becoming sheriff, he had a packer and guide service at Weitas Station and farmed in the Russell Ridge and Central Ridge areas, as well as up Wells Bench. He also was a horse trader.

He served as sheriff from 1955-1961. He was characterized as an honest, efficient sheriff. In an attempt to reduce the amount of needless accidents on roads around the county, he set up road blocks and patrols that resulted in citations for drunk driving and driving with revoked licenses.

After lossing a bid for re-election, he became a salesman for Hanson Garage. Pomeroy died in 1962 while undergoing surgery for lung cancer. He had only be ill for a few days, according to the aforementioned book.

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